Wild Honey in Mandarin Gallery, Singapore

If given a choice, I would definitely choose to have breakfast food all-day long. There's really something about the traditional bacon-egg-pancakes trio that makes it so fun to eat. As much as I dream to have brunch with Paul on a lazy Sunday morning, that has yet to become a reality as it's really so hard to pull ourselves out of bed when there's a choice to just forget about the alarm and to catch up on sleep till noon. It's really a good thing that more and more restaurants are coming into existence and they specialize in one common thing : All-Day Breakfast. Hooray!

Similar to how the food scene is in Manila, there seem to be a fast-rising trend on ramens and breakfast joints here in the Lion City. I think I've talked a lot about ramen already so let me focus on the latter. For breakfast lovers like myself, this is really good news. Now, you can have your favorite breakfast platter at any given time of the day. 

wild honey 4
A month ago, Paul and I had dinner with our friend O at a popular all-day breakfast cafe called Wild Honey at the Mandarin Gallery along Orchard Road. It was perfect timing that Paul and I were staying the night at Shangri-la Hotel Singapore so the restaurant was just half an hour walk away. I know..I know, people in Manila would probably be shocked that we would walk for half an hour instead of taking the cab or the bus. This is my new life now, I'm an a walker! At least we get our much-needed exercise and we do get a perfect warm-up before our hearty meal too. 

So, you can just imagine how hungry we were when we got to Mandarin Gallery. Just when we thought we can just head to our table and order straight away, there was a waiting line and sadly, we had to wait for another 10 minutes for our table to be ready. Patience doesn't really exist when there's a growling tummy involved. Anyway, we surely got our small table for 3 after 10 minutes and we began perusing the menu in silence. 

It was hard to choose as Wild Honey has a long list of breakfast platters available. I love how they named it after the cuisine so they got English, French, Tunisian, Norweigian and a lot more. It somehow allows you to virtually go around the world and to try the different breakfast platters without the need for a plane ticket. 

wild honey 3
Our friend O was feeling extra hungry that evening so he went for the English (S$22) breakfast which is fully-loaded with all the yummy breakfast items one can ever dream of! It got scrambled egg, bacon, Cumberland pork sausage, sauteed mushroom, baked beans, breakfast potatoes, grilled tomatoes and Wild Honey's signature brioche bread. It was a very filling and satisfying meal perfect for those who are extremely hungry or who got an impressive appetite. I was able to try a little of each item on his plate and I really liked the creamy scrambled egg as well as the crisp bacon. 

wild honey 1
For those who wants something similar to the English platter but prefers it presented in a really pretty way, then go for the European (S$18). We only realized that both O and Paul had very similar platters only it was presented in a different way. Paul's European breakfast had two Eggs Benedict with sauteed mushrooms, poached eggs and the same brioche bread too! What makes this different is the inclusion of the Italian prosciutto and the homemade Hollandaise sauce that both Paul and I loved very much. Yes, I was a lucky girl that evening as I was also able to try half of Paul's European platter. 

wild honey 2
As for me, I chose something different. Like what I mentioned, it was quite hard to choose which one to get as the menu was pretty extensive. It was a toss between the Norwegian as it had imported smoked salmon and caviar or the Roman which is a potato skillet dish with truffle oil. It was a very difficult decision but I eventually went for the Roman. There was no regrets, I tell you. How could there be if you get to have this delicious piping hot skillet filled with thin potato slices and scrambled egg, topped with sour cream, black caviar and generously drizzled with truffle oil. As soon as the skillet was laid down in front of me, I knew I made the right choice. It was really delicious and I happily ate this with the grilled bread that came with it. I loved it! 

Service was okay but a bit spotty. Despite the place being so small, we had a little bit of a challenge in getting our server's attention. Hope this will improve next time. I'm definitely going back to Wild Honey and I can't wait to take our visiting family and friends to try this too. 

Wild Honey is located at the 3rd floor, Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Road, Singapore. They also have another branch in Scotts Square which is just a few blocks away from the first branch. Click here for more info. Only the Scotts Square branch accepts reservations.  

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