Slurp Up : The Soup Spoon

Here's another first! Last Saturday, Paul and I were able to watch our first movie here in the Lion City. Given that the tickets are not that cheap in this side of the world, we agreed to choose our movie wisely and to go for the big blockbuster ones to make it more worth our while (and money). Iron Man opened a week and a half ago and it was only last Saturday that we were all able to find a common time to watch it. For those who haven't watched it, I urge you to do so. I personally enjoyed the movie and the fact that I didn't fall asleep is a big indicator that the movie got my attention all throughout the 2-hour viewing period. The boys actually had mixed feelings about it but well, that's my own opinion. :) 

We got to Vivo City (currently my favorite mall in Singapore) an hour before movie time. Thus, we have to find a place that serves quick and good food. It was a toss between Carl's Jr and Soup Spoon. Since Paul and I wanted something healthy, we went for the latter instead. We've both been to Soup Spoon during our first few days here in the Lion City and the experience was pretty much forgettable. Our soups were both so bland and we still ended up so hungry afterwards. As such, this is really us giving Soup Spoon a 2nd chance and we both hope this time it'll work its charm on us. 

The store was packed and we had less than an hour to go! We had to strategize well. Paul went to wait for a table to clear up while I made a bee line towards the counter. It's self-service system here where you place your order at the counter, wait for it and carry your tray to your table. We had a heavy pasta lunch (thanks to the ever talented Irene!) so we just got a bowl of soup each. 

soup spoon 1
I went for the Simon and Garfunkel Chicken and Mushroom Ragout (S$7.80) which was a creamy soup filled with tender chicken fillet, herbs and (get this) SIX kinds of mushrooms! As I was enjoying this soup, my best friend T came to mind as she loves mushrooms just as much as I do. I didn't have to add any salt or pepper into my soup as it was really good and flavorful. Each bowl of soup is served with warm crusty bread and I had this with some salted butter. Yum!

soup spoon 2
Paul tried the Beef Goulash (S$7.90) which I think was one of Soup Spoon's best-seller judging from the almost empty pot in the counter. This soup is just perfect for Paul as it had everything he loves -- prime cut beef, red and green bell peppers, potatoes and lots of tomatoes. He was so happy with his soup that all I got was a small spoonful and within minutes, his bowl was empty!

I'm sure glad we gave Soup Spoon a second chance and with this will surely followa hundred more. For those who loves soup, be sure to check Soup Spoon out and do avail of their Souperholic card to earn points for every $5 purchase.

The Soup Spoon has 17 branches all over Singapore. Click here for the full directory and store hours

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