Cova Tapas y Sangria in Jupiter Street, Makati

In the past months that I'm away from home, I had this big realization. While everyone thinks that Long Distance Relationship is hard... Long Distance Friendship is just as challenging and truly a test to see who are the friends you seriously have to keep in your life. Not wanting to sound melodramatic but yes, we do know that we all have our own lives but real friends are there regardless of time, distance or whatever conditions are there. After all, that's what social media is for. It connects people. This is a sad reality that I'm coming to terms with but hey, that's life.

Anyway, the reason why I brought this up is because everyday, I wake up thankful for the friends who would continue to keep in touch. Their presence makes us feel like we're not miles and miles away. During one occasion, I was even able to witness a special moment in the life of my friend B who tied the knot with her prince charming P. I saw them exchange their vows and had their first kiss as husband and wife. Thanks to our friend K who connected me via Skype. I cheered and clapped as if I was also in the chapel with everyone else. Perhaps, if there was a camera aimed at me that moment, I would have looked extremely silly but that's okay. All I cared about was to be part of B's special day. B and K have been my good friends for years. We may not get to see each other on a weekly basis but every chance we get to hang out, I always go home with a big smile on my face. Being with them, even for a few hours, can immediately erase all the day's stress and worries away. Aside from that, we all share a love for food and eating out with them is just so much fun.

One dinner, we decided to meet up for some Spanish fare. Our choice venue was at Cova Tapas y Sangria which was relatively new then and was creating a buzz in the foodie community. I was also on a paella love phase back then thus the consecutive visits to different Spanish restaurants around town. Cova's ambiance is like a bar. Dark, modern and hip, it gives a very stylish vibe and a place where you can hang out with friends after work.

cova 5
Our meal began with the very popular Huevos Cabreados (Php. 320). This is such a fun appetizer wherein you get shoestring potatoes (think: Piknik), chorizo, aioli cream, salsa and topped with sunny-side-up! You see, this dish has all of my favorite things -- aioli cream, egg, chorizo, sweet tangy salsa and potatoes! The best way to eat this is to mix everything up. Make a little mess, that's okay. It's just fun to enjoy the different flavors this singular dish can bring. Cova's version was very good and I'm glad we can now have this in Manila. Making it more accessible should the craving for more Huevos Cabreados comes about.

cova 2
We also tried the Calamares Tintados (Php. 280) which are deep-fried giant calamari covered in squid ink. It was pretty good as the calamares were very crunchy and I just love anything with squid ink. Yum!

cova 3
Lastly, we had the Fideua (Php. 699). I know I've mentioned that I was craving for paella but the chance to try something different yet closely similar to it was there in front of me and I'm not one who resists opportunities such as this. Fideua is served in the same flat llanera used for paella. Instead of rice though, noodles is used in this dish. It's mixed with all sorts of seafood, meat and drizzled with aoili sauce. It was okay but personally, I still love paella more. I just find the noodles a bit dry and not as satisfyingly delicious as how a paella would be.

I'm so happy to be able to try Cova and would definitely go back, this time, to try their paella. Till our next dinner, girls!

Cova Tapas y Sangria is located at 22 Jupiter street, Makati City. Call them at +63-2-4789700.

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