Frannywanny's Birthday Treat at Mitsuyado Sei-Men!!!

Happy birthday to me! 

On the 1st day of June, I will be turning a year older and hopefully, a little bit more wiser. This year's birthday will be a bit different for what I've been having in the past. For one thing, it will be simpler and more intimate too. It will be my first birthday away from home...away from everyone close to my heart. I don't think I'll still do my annual week-long birthday celebration. Though, I'm still eyeing to do a fun bbq pool party with friends here. :) Let's see how everything pans out.

Just as I'm doing things differently this year, I also thought of treating two lucky readers to a delicious ramen dinner at Mistuyado Sei-Men. Consider it my birthday treat special thanks to the cool folks of Mitsuyado! :) Please do order my favourite dishes and if you can, have a piece of cake on my behalf! Deal?

I've blogged about Mitsuyado Sei-Men a couple of months ago. As a marketing practicioner, I always believe that being the market leader should not make you complacent. You always have to be on your toes to innovate, innovate and innovate some more. I'm so happy to see that Mitsuyado, being the first ramen house to serve Tsukemen-style ramen, has expanded their menu and boy were they all delicioso!

mitsuyado seimen 1
Let me begin with the appetizer. I love Edamame and believe me, I can consume an entire bowl! It's so good, a bit salty yet overly addicting. Give it a soft bite on one end and slowly poke your finger through the thick rubbery shell to pull out the slippery beans inside. I don't even use my finger anymore instead I just let my teeth push the beans out to coat it with the salt that covers the "shell".

mitsuyado seimen 2
For those who loves pork, you just have to try the Char Siu Plate (Php. 180). The meat melts in your mouth as it's so tender and I love dipping this into the mustard that comes with it. It's so addicting and would perfectly go well with a bowl of Japanese rice.

mitsuyado seimen 3
Whenever Paul and I dine at a Japanese restaurant, we somehow make it a point to order a plate of Gyoza (Php. 180). If you like your gyoza filled with soup similar to a Xiao Long Bao inside, then this will definitely hit the spot. I like mine juicy but not saucy so this was just a-okay for me. However, I got to admit that I was impressed with the quality of the wrapper. It stayed intact from serving plate to my plate to my mouth. Bravo!

mitsuyado seimen 4
We got to try the Chicken Karaage (Php. 190) which made me remember my friend Abet who just lovesssss chicken. Kids will love this crispy deep-fried Japanese-style chicken that stayed juicy and tender inside and the skin crunchy to the last bite.

mitsuyado seimen 5
Should you prefer ordering the traditional Japanese fare, they have Ebi Tempura (Php. 280) available too.

Those were just the starters that we had that evening, let me talk about the main dishes -- the stars of the show.

mitsuyado seimen 6
Paul and I have been to Mitsuyado Sei-Men a number of times and we still can't stop ordering the Double Cheese Tsukemen Ramen (Php. 340 / Php. 380). I've tried the Cheese Curry which was too rich for me, this one was just right as the first type of cheese was parmesan sprinkled on the ramen noodles and the second was cheddar-like with seafood and served as a dipping sauce for the noodles. It somehow reminded me of a creamy pasta dish.

We also tried the Tan Tan Ramen (Php. 380 / 420) which was definitely not for the faint hearted. Paul loves everything with peanuts so I was quite positive this is something he'll love. It was a bit too spicy for me, but for those who can handle the heat, do try it!

mitsuyado seimen 11
We all loved the Char Siu Plate that we had earlier thus we just had to try the Char Siu Don! More tender, melt-in-your-mouth char siu (pork strips) on a bed of fluffy Japanese rice. I'm definitely going back to Mitsuyado Sei-Men for more yummy Char Siu!

mitsuyado seimen 8
I was also able to try the Black Pepper Chicken which was their version of the very popular Chicken Teriyaki only it makes use of their signature black pepper sauce and marinade. Since we were already carbo loading with our bowls of ramen, we opted to get the a la carte (Php. 180) version but next time, I'm going for the Black Chicken Don (Php. 240) which is the rice bowl version.

Since you'll be celebrating my birthday, please try these two pasta dishes. Yes, a Japanese restaurant serving pasta! Another East meets West creation but hey it works!

mitsuyado seimen 10
If you're a tomato-based pasta fan, try the Seafood AE-Soba (Php. 230 / 290). Thick, round Japanese noodles cooked with tangy tomato sauce and served with shrimps, edamame and Japanese creamy sauce. It was okay but to be honest, I'm not very much into tomato sauce thus I just let Paul and our other dining companions get the bigger share for this.

mitsuyado seimen 9
We also had the Yuzu AE Soba (Php. 230 / 290) which was more my cup of tea or kind of pasta dish. It's a creamy dish with salmon cubes and nori strips. Both noodles, similar to the ramen, were very al dente.

mitsuyado seimen 12
Lastly, to cap off our meal, we had a shot of Cold Sake similar to how the Japanese would have it. Sake can be taken hot or cold and I personally like it cold. Cheers!

Now, here's how you can win a birthday treat (Php. 1,000 GC) at Mitsuyado Sei-Men from ME!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest reminders:
1) Contest duration: May 21 - 31, 2013
2) Due to the location of Mitsuyado Sei-men, this contest is only open to Metro Manila readers.
3) Winners can claim their Php. 1,000 at Mitsuyado Sei-Men. To claim your prize, please present a valid ID.
4) One valid entry per person/email address please.
5) The 2 winners will be contacted via email and will be announced in this blog.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men is located at 22 Jupiter street, Brgy Bel-Air, Makati City. Call them at 511-1390.


  1. Advanced happy birthday! Been wanting to try the food there. Hope I win!

  2. Happy happy birthday, June baby! :) All the best and more yummy foodtrips and once-in-a-lifetime travels. Japanese cuisine hits the spot without fail. So yes, perfect place to feed the soul! :D

  3. Happy birthday! :) Wishing you lots more foodie adventures in this new year of life!


  4. Happy birthday! Here's to more foodie adventures! :)

  5. to my favorite food blogger,

    Enjoy Lion City, hoping to read some of your good finds there. Like Wee Nam Kee in Novena?

    Happy Happy Birthday, may the Lord grant the desires of your heart!

    Melody Tan

  6. Happy birthday! God bless and cheers to more foodieventures! :)

    Chai Enerio

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  8. Happy birthday! What better way to celebrate this special day than with good food! I love Mitsuyado seimen! I love their interior street concept and their al dente noodles!
    Jenny Uy

  9. Happy birthday! Cheers to more foodie adventures! :)

    Janice Que

  10. Yay! Lapit na bday month natin! :) Kamusta naman ang buhay jan sa SG? Basta kasama mo si Paul I know okay ka :) Yiheee!!! :)

    More blogging years! :)


  11. Happy Happy birthday Franny! more foodie trips in SG and more giveaways to give! :)))))

    Susan Sia

  12. Happy Birthday Frannywanny hope that you wanted in life is complete and may you have your own business venture in the near future

    Robert Jonathan Chan

  13. Happy Birthday Frannywanny. Hope you have gotten what you want in life and more.

    Margaret S. Chan

  14. Advanced Happy Birthday Fran! Have a great time in SG!

    Macy Guido-Lee

  15. Otanjoubi Omedetou Frannywanny! (^^,)v
    Happy Happy Birthday!

    Keep us drooling and craving for more with your great and oishii foodie adventures!

    Jocelle Luna

  16. Happy Birthday Frannyway!

    I'm one of your lurkers in your food blog which I love to read every now and then. I hope that you will be able to spend your special day with the people close to your heart. After all, a grand celebration means nothing if you can't spend that special day with the people you love.

  17. Happy birthday Ms. Fran! Continue to make us drool with your food posts! ;)

    Name: Marizza Domingo

    Thank you! :)

  18. You are one of the sweetest, most kind bloggers that I know. Without any hesitations, you always lend a helping hand to your fans who might need some help. We are really thankful to have you! Happy birthday! :)

    Matt Pua

  19. Advance happy birthday frannywanny! I wish you good health and prosperous life! :)

    Angielene Cabasag

  20. May you have more abundant blessings and happiness to come! :)) Happy Birthday in advance! :)) And more giveaways to come. hehe

    Riyalyn Gatdula

  21. advance happy birthday atsi Fran! :) Hope you and ahya Paul are doing great in SG :) I wish you good health and more blessings in your life :)Take care!


  22. Happy Birthday! Wishing you great wealth and greater health~ Here's to more posts (and giveaways, LOL) to come! :) Cheers!

    Mara Mina

  23. wish you have a great bday month!

    Joel Trinidad

  24. Happy Happy Birthday Frances! :)

  25. I think you should still do your annual week-long birthday celebration, Singapore style! Cheers!

    Iona Lacson

  26. Happy birthday! wishing you more happiness and love! good luck and God bless!

    Christalyn Maramag

  27. Happy happy birthday Franny :)
    May you always be blessed with joy and good karma!

    Jo Tan

  28. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful years to come. More power and Cheers!

    Cecille Capatan

  29. Wish you all the best!!

    Jen Dee

  30. Happy Birthday! I hope you'll have a wonderful birthday! Cheers to a good life! :)

    Laine Kongsun Ching

  31. Happy Birthday to you po. More contests este more birthdays to come hehe

    Jose Lorenzo Manongsong

  32. Happy birthday, frannywanny!!! I wish you more years to come and many more reviews to write! :) I enjoy reading food blogs and yours is one of my favorites. :)

    Shelene Reña

  33. happy birthday frannywanny! more birthdays and food trips to come!!!

  34. Happy, happy birthday @frannywanny! :) May you have many more birthdays to come and may God bless you more! Cheers :D

    Sarah Angela Malory A. Peralta

  35. Happy Birthday, Frannywanny!! I love your cheerful outlook in life. That's why I like your blog. I hope you will still blog about Manila every time you're in town.

    Theresa Cruz-Escaros

  36. Dearest Franny wanny!!!
    Happy Birthday, May all your dreams, goals and wishes be achieved. Hopefully, your family could cope well in Singapore and in the future come back here in Philippines to explore more and share your experiences. God Bless and Have fun!!!

    Enrique del Rosario

  37. Happy Happy Birthday Franny Wanny! I wish you good health and more birthdays to come! May you continue to blog about your never-ending food trips!!

    Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay

  38. Happy birthday!!!! Cheers!!!!
    More blogs to come :)

  39. Happy birthday Miss Fran! May the road to your destiny be filled with love and happiness. Continue enthralling us with your yummy foodie adventures!

    Kirsten Allysandra San Juan

  40. Happy Birthday and more blessings to come! Wish you all the desires of your heart

  41. Good health and more birthdays to come. Happy birthday to you!

    Gladita Manongsong

  42. Happy birthday :) your food posts are awesome!

  43. Happy Birthday Franny! Hope you have more yummy food posts to come!
    Mariane Ballesteros

  44. HAPPY HAPPY bday po miss franny my wish po to you marami pang food blog at giveaways:)

    leo rances garcia

  45. Happy Blessed Birthday!! May you have more blessings to share ;-)

  46. Happiest Birthday Miss Fran.
    More blessings to share =)

    Say Yap

  47. Happy Birthday! more exciting food reviews to come :)

    lawrence tseng

  48. Wishing you the best in life! God bless you!

    Jan Karen Ku

  49. Miss Fran, thank you so much for inspiring me to become a blogger. Happy birthday and thank you for sharing your blessings, knowledge and experiences to us. God bless you always and more powers! :)

    Paula Romana Alagao

  50. Happy happy birthday! May you have a delicious celebration and more foodventures to come!

    Adelbert Villacorta

  51. happy happy birthday fran! :-)

  52. Happy Birthday Frannywanny ! Wishing you more blessings and thank you for sharing these blessings.

    Rodel Miclat

  53. Dear Frannywanny,

    A very happy birthday to you! I wish you'd get invited to more and more food and resto reviews and you'd share your blessings with your avid followers! :)

    Happy Birthday!

    Merry Rose Santos

  54. Advance happy birthday Ms. Fran!Wishing you a happy and healthy life ahead.

    Joy Vivian Castillo

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  56. What a great way to celebrate your birthday! Hope you have a great one! Cheers!

    Ace Cada

  57. Happy birthday, Fran!!! :) Have a good one. Here's to love, life, health, more foodventures, and even more happiness.

    Dash A. Estefani

  58. Happy happy birthday!! Hope you had a blast!

    Loraine Ong

  59. Happy birthday! Hope that you enjoy your special day with people closest to your heart! God bless!

    Lorellie Tamparong

  60. Happy Birthday! May you have more blessings to come! More power to your blog :)

    Eunice Chua

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  62. Happy birthday :) Wish you all the best!! many more years to come of blogging and sharing the good vibes :)

    Nicole de Dios

  63. wish you more success in your new choosen carrier in singapore good luck to you and your husband. hopefully there will be little fran and paul soon and more blogs.
    you inspire me alot specially on the things you shared with us. I always look forward to your blogs, i make sure that everynight is fran night for me to read your recent and some past blogs of yours.

    thank you

    geejay f. nepomuceno


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