The Food Brat visits Peking Garden Restaurant, Trinoma Mall

Just a few days ago, I got into a conversation with a colleague. She asked me how many siblings I have and when I told her I just have Pan, my younger sister; she suddenly goes.. "ohhh no wonder! you're the eldest." There have been studies actually that people share similar personalities and behavior with someone of the same birth order. I actually do believe in this. For instance, most of my friends and relatives who are the eldest in the family tend to be natural decision-makers. We think and decide fast, this probably comes with the many years of leading the brood (well I just have one tagging along me all the time heehee) that we are used to being the leader.

Most of the youngest in the family, on the other hand, are more carefree and fun-loving. This is not saying that we first borns are boring but it's just that by the time they're growing up, most parents are more lenient and would just let them do their thing. I may be wrong but that's all based on my observations through the years. My colleague also mentioned that the youngest tend to be bratty..well that I beg to disagree. I have to admit, in my family, I'm the bratty one. I get what I want and nothing..yes not even Godzilla..would stop me from reaching that. Some would say it's because I have my Dad who spoils me crazy...well that could thank you Papa!  ♥

This got me to remember one of the last dinners that Paul and I had in Manila this year. For years, I've been keeping a list of restaurants that I aim to visit before the year ends. Every year, I never am successful with the number of restaurants opening left and right. There's one restaurant though that I've been dying to try and it has been around for close to a decade -- Peking Garden.

So, on my last few weeks in Manila I clearly declared that I really really really want to dine at Peking Garden. Giving this as an option whenever relatives would ask me where I would like to eat. Finally, they all gave in to my food bratty whims as we celebrated my Amah's birthday at Peking Garden, Trinoma.Yay!

peking garden 1
I just love munching on complimentary appetizers in Chinese restaurants. Most especially when this is a saucer of garlic peanuts or deep-fried wanton chips. Peking Garden's version was lightly spicy yet it's really good and addicting. Everyone couldn't stop reaching in for more chips while waiting for our orders to arrive.

peking garden 2
We started our meal with a bowl of Winter Melon with Dried Scallop & Bamboo Pith in Clear Soup. This is our family's favorite soup because everyone loves how refreshing it is.

peking garden 9
Since we were there to celebrate my dear Amah's birthday, we had some Birthday Noodles after the soup. I was impressed with Peking Garden's version as the noodles had a good bite to it a.k.a. it was al dente. The toppings were very generous and it wasn't very salty nor was it bland at all. I just wish they have added in some quail eggs too.

peking garden 3
Meet the star of the night. The main reason why I've been begging to try Peking Garden. It has been said that they have the best Peking Duck in Manila and I really have to try it for myself. Tadaahhhh! Look how the servers expertly carved our ducks. They mean serious business here, folks.

peking garden 4
After a few minutes, this mouthwatering platter of carved Peking Duck meat was laid down on our table.

peking garden 01
To enjoy your Peking Duck: simply get a piece of wrapper, add a piece of meat, top it with spring onions, drizzle with thick hoisin sauce, fold it like so and INDULGE! I always like getting a piece of meat and skin to get that crunch in every bite. It's heaven and no wonder people are crazy about Peking Garden's duck. It's really juicy and thoroughly flavourful.

peking garden 8
Mom ordered Peking Duck Two-Ways (Php. 2,600) which means we get two different duck dishes! After carving out the meat and the skin for us to enjoy, the servers brought the ducks back to the kitchen for the chef to prepare the Minced Duck with Lettuce. This is also called Hin din tsum mua in Hokkien and I really enjoy having this during lauriat dinners. Not minding that I get my hands all wet and oily after, I just love filling the lettuce cups with minced meat, crunchy fried bihon noodles and hoisin sauce. So yummy!

peking garden 6
We also had the Scrambled Egg White with Minced Meat and Scallops. This was a winner! This was a perfect balance to the meaty and oily dishes that we had earlier. I really enjoyed having this with plain rice.

peking garden 7
The next two dishes got us laughing. Somehow my Mom chose two extremely orange dishes and the funny thing was, it was served at the same time. We had the Sweet & Sour Pork which was everyone's favourite. In our family dinners, there should always be a plate of Sweet & Sour Pork or Salt & Pepper Spareribs. I just find the pork too fatty as the chef didn't bother to slice out the thick chunk of fat before frying it. Ugh.

peking garden 5
We also had the Deep-Fried Fish Fillet in Sweet & Sour Sauce. It was only when both dishes came that Mommy realized she ordered the same kind! Haha! Oh my cute Mommy. :) Anyway, the fish was really good. I loved how fresh tasting it was and the sweet & sour sauce really made it extra yummy.

What a filling dinner and a truly satisfying one for me. I was so happy that finally I was able to try Peking Garden and was pretty happy with it. I really enjoyed the Peking Duck that evening that looking back, it was even better than the Peking Duck that I had in Beijing! I highly recommend this.

Since it was my Amah's birthday lauriat, I wasn't able to get hold of the menu so I wasn't able to get the accurate prices. However, according to Mommy, price ranges from Php. 300-Php. 600 depending on the size of the dish.

Check out Peking Garden at the 3rd level, Trinoma Mall, EDSA corner North Avenue, Quezon City. For reservations, call them at 901-0502 and 901-0507.

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