Thursday, July 4, 2013

[CONTEST ALERT!] Chubby Chicken in Katipunan Avenue

Remember the first ever blog post that my sister Pan wrote here at It was about her Top 10 Tokyo Sights which you can read about here and here. Well, looks like someone had loads of fun sharing her travel adventures with you all that she decided to write more! Today, the one and only Blue Eagle in the family would like to share with you her first ever restaurant review on Chubby Chicken -- a casual university food stop located right across her alma mater in Katipunan Avenue. To make things more exciting, we're also treating one lucky ready to an all-out Chubby Chicken meal worth Php 500!!! 

Now, that's my cue to stop writing and to give the virtual stage to my sister Pannywanny. :)

It has been a few years back where Katipunan has been my second home, studying at Starbucks, buying last minute items at National Bookstore and having breakfast, lunch and dinners in the different food establishments available. It is, after all, just a foot bridge or a trike away from campus and the best place to group study and while away the time in between classes.

chubby chicken 7
Having said that, I’m so happy to have been invited to a wonderful addition to the Katipunan community: Chubby Chicken!
chubby chicken 8
The moment I stepped into the restaurant, I was instantly drawn to the fun wall-art called the “top Suki of 2012” with 1x1 pictures of their loyal customers and the numerous messages from the diners was also a fun read. It immediately gave me that neighborhood hangout place feel.

However, I was there for the food, right? Well, we were treated to Chubby Chicken’s Best Sellers and Chef’s Choices. Here is the rundown of the lunch feast that we had:

chubby chicken 3
At the top of the menu chart, right under Best Sellers, you’ll find the Chubby Chicken with Rice (1pc for P78 and 2pcs for P118). A reasonably priced set meal serving a chubby portion of chicken drumstick that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I like that the chicken meat still has the flavors packed in it as most fried chickens tends to lock all the flavors in the skin without having it absorbed into the meat itself (which is the biggest and relatively healthier part). It also comes with a garlic mayo dip that perks up the dish.

chubby chicken 2
The Chubby Chicken Parmigiana (P165) is my favorite! It is fried chicken fillet topped with CHEESE!! I couldn’t get enough of the generous servings of the parmigiana sauce which I completely spread out into my chicken fillet. Despite the sauce being mixed with different types of cheese, it doesn’t come out too salty at all. This dish is one of the Chef’s Choices… and mine too!

chubby chicken 1
Although I’m usually a red-sauce or olive-oil based pasta person, the Carbonara (P105) is worth taking note of. Looking back, one of the reasons I’ve shied away from commercially-made Carbonara is because it is either too creamy or too bland. Chubby Chicken’s Carbonara is neither of that and it has this “homey-recipe” quality and taste with just the right amount of pasta sauce and toppings. This definitely got our ‘thumbs-up’.

chubby chicken 5
Most of the time before visiting a new restaurant, I would do my homework (nerd-alert! :P) and read through the restaurant’s menu looking at possible must-try’s. The Chubby Fish Tacos with Fries (P75 for 1 pc and P115 for 2pcs) is my must-try. I love tacos in general but sometimes, if I’m feeling all healthy, I prefer my tacos non-beef and the fish option is something I definitely wanted to try. The fish fillet is wrapped in a toasted pita wrap garnished with shreds of lettuce, garlic mayo dressing and cheese. It is a meal in itself as an order can serve 2 fish tacos. I like how the garlic mayo compliments the fish fillet and how it all holds together in the toasted pita wrap.

chubby chicken 4
The Chubby Sloppy Joe (P150), although rest-assured is not so sloppy but had quite a nice presentation, is a serving of ground beef meat sauce topped with cheese and fried egg. This “burger” offering goes to show how unique Chubby Chicken is striving out to be, deviating from the usual cheeseburger or burger buns, they’ve created their very own Sloppy Joe masterpiece. This was very filling given the size of the burger buns and it capped our feast off to a sumptuous finale.

Chubby Chicken is so laid back that it is the perfect hang-out spot for in-between classes and group studies with its delectable food choices that is right on the pocket and yummy for the tummy.

I have absolutely been Chubbyfied and It's time for YOU to get Chubbyfied too! 

We're giving away Php. 500 worth of gift certificates to one lucky reader! Here's how to join:

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1) Contest will run from July 4 - 12, 2013.
2) Due to the location of the restaurant, this contest is only open to all readers residing in Metro Manila.
3) Only one entry per person please.
4) The winner will be announced in this blog and will be notified via email.
5) An e-gift certificate will be issued to the winner.
6) Winner will be given 30-days to respond. In the event that the winner fails to reply, we will be drawing another name.

*photos by Mommy Puff

Chubby Chicken is located in 1B Xavierville Residences Esteban Abada cor Alvero Loyola Heights Katipunan, Quezon City. From Katipunan turn right in the street beside Mcdonald’s. Call them at 433-1833.


  1. Hey, I think this is opening this weekend over here at Cebu! I heard Solenn is gracing it. The food looks good from your photos and the prices aren't bad either. Now, I wanna try it. :D

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    Email address: RODELMERCURIO956@YAHOO.COM

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