Adobo Night at Pizzeria Mozza, Singapore

It all began with one Facebook shout out...

adobo night

... and just like that, support and help came pouring in.

adobo night
When Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit the Visayas region a couple of weeks ago, I did mention that watching the heartbreaking videos somehow made me feel a bit helpless knowing that I'm thousands of miles away from home. There were initially various ways to send our monetary support but I know that doing this once is not enough. Thus when I was tagged by my friend Suzy to support this special Adobo Night organized by Chef Karla Mendoza of Pizzeria Mozza, I didn't think twice and sent in my RSVP. Of course, I just had to spread the word and after sharing the same message to my good friends here in Singapore, they sent in their RSVPs too!

adobo night
So there we were at 10PM on a Thursday night. Normally, I'd definitely be home by then probably in bed busy blogging till I fall asleep. Well, last Thursday was no ordinary night as more than 30 of us were present at the special function room ready to help and of course, to eat ADOBO!

adobo night
Given how late in the evening the Adobo Night was, I was initially just expecting a simple cocktail set-up of adobo and perhaps a couple of hors d'oeuvres. What greeted me was a very impressive buffet set-up complete with all the delicious local dishes that I haven't seen in months! In front of the buffet spread was a simple poster saying: The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof. You bet!

adobo night
Here's Chef Karla welcoming everyone and giving us a brief background on how this event was organized. Basically, the dishes were contributions from the staff and chefs of Pizzeria Mozza, this also includes the two Capampangan receptionists who prepared a couple of dishes too.

Let me share with you a number of the dishes that we had that evening. These are just half of what was served and are also the ones that I really liked:

adobo night
Pork Adobo (front) and Veal Caldereta (back)
Of course, what's an Adobo night without...Adobo! We had not one...not even two but 4 kinds of Adobo that evening! Chicken Adobo, Balunbalunan Adobo,  Adobong Pusit (Squid Adobo) and Pork Adobo! We were indeed in Adobo heaven and obviously, everyone was loving it!

adobo night
Pancit Palabok
This just got to be one of my favorite Filipino noodle dishes (the other being Pancit Malabon). The moment I saw Palabok after 9 long months, I felt my heart doing cartwheels. This was pure happiness.

adobo night
Cheese Puto
Wish they served it with Dinuguan.

adobo night
Pork Sisig
The winning dish of the night! When Chef Karla introduced the Pinoy Chef who prepared the sisig, everyone clapped for him. It was so good that they had to replenish the sisig almost every 15 minutes. It was crunchy, savory and truly authentic that we all couldn't help but go back for more.

adobo night
Leche Flan
We were so amazed that this was created by a Mexican chef. Not bad at all!

adobo night
Calamansi Juice and Sago't Gulaman
I tried the Calamansi Juice and found it to be too sweet. I think the Sago't Gulaman would have been a better choice.

adobo night
It was such a fun night meeting new friends and hanging out with my favorite girl friends too. I was also so happy to be able to meet Chef Karla and I applaud her for organizing this event which has brought fellow SG-based Filipinos together for a good cause. I hope there'll be more rounds of these as I'm sure a lot more would like to help out.

This event is a true testament showing that no matter how far away we may be from home, we will always and forever be there to help our fellow countrymen in any way we can. Truly, the Filipino Spirit is indeed Waterproof.


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