Trying the Ebi Burger in McDonald's Singapore


mcdonalds ebi burger
When the Ebi Burger was launched in all McDonald's stores all over Singapore last week, I made a mental note to check this out over the weekend. I love shrimp and fish burgers as this is what I normally order over their beefy burgers thus I was really excited that McDonald's is adding more non-beef burger options to their menu. Yay!

We agreed to share the Ebi Feast Meal (S$7.75) which consists of an Ebi Burger, a Tropical McFrizzy, large French Fries and Tropical McFrizzy drink. I just wanted the Ebi Burger and happily gave the rest to Paul who enjoyed this meal with his all-time favorite -- the Quarter Pounder Burger.

mcdonalds ebi burger
Now, I'm excited to open this box and to reveal, what hopefully is, a treasure inside. Ready?

mcdonalds ebi burger
Here's giving you a closer look of the Ebi Burger. As the ad says, the burger makes use of real, whole ebi (shrimps) and I can say I really did bit into a couple of whole shrimps here and there. That's a good point as the burger doesn't have this mushy texture which you'd normally get from other seafood burgers out there. The shrimp burger is topped with fresh lettuce, quite a big chunk of it actually which they failed to slice evenly. I think I got the bottom part of the lettuce which is quite hard and all clumped together. Yikes! Normally seafood burgers would have mayonnaise with it but this one had a sweet mustard-y sauce which was quite good but would love for them to add more for additional flavor.

To be honest, the Ebi Burger somehow failed to meet my expectations. I found it quite bland that after a few bites, I was actually thinking of adding some garlic chili sauce just to perk up the taste. I wonder if it was the lack of sauce or the sauce and burger were just flavorless as it is. I guess, I will still stick to the Fillet O Fish any given day and will stay loyal to Wendy's Shrimp Burger (oh, you have to try it!) too.

Moving on, I was able to try the Banana Pie and I really liked it. It reminds me of the local Banana Fritters dessert that we used to order with my parents before. It had a sweet banana filling and a crunchy crust outside. I wouldn't mind alternating this the Apple Pie which is equally just as yummy.

Well, no regrets there. At least I was able to answer my curiosity on the new Ebi Burger by McDonald's Singapore. I heard that the one in Japan is really delicious, now I can't wait to go to Japan to try it out myself.

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