Snax! by CP Foods in Takashimaya Food Court

During one of our SaturDates, Paul and I decided to check out the food court in Takashimaya Department Store in Orchard Road. While we have this impression that this is a very high end department store, I'm quite fascinated by the fact that it houses a lot of Japanese brands and we all know that there are just a lot of delicious Japanese food finds out there. While checking out all the different snacks, drinks and whatnot, we chanced upon this brightly colored stall selling yakitori-style food items.

snax cp 2
Meet Snax! by CP Foods

We're no stranger to CP Foods and I even blogged about this cool $1 promo that they had a while back.While it was our first time to see their Takashimaya stall, I do recall seeing the one in JEM a few months ago and I really liked the fried shrimp popper that I was given as a sample by their friendly staff. I was planning to buy it but since we were rushing then, I just told myself to save it for our next visit. 

snax cp 1
Checking out the glass counter, I was quite impressed by the wide variety of skewered products available. Well, it's a choice between chicken or shrimp and after you make your decision, you have to choose from all the different kinds of chicken or shrimp skewers. Most of the shrimp products are deep fried while chicken has a mix of deep fried and grilled. 

snax cp 5
They actually have meal boxes which we decided to get. Of course, I just have to have mine with Egg Fried Rice with a stick of Shrimp Lolly and Shrimp Fingers. Both tasted the same but I didn't mind as I just love anything with shrimp. It's too bad though that they only had mayonnaise as a dip as I think this would go so well with sweet chili sauce. The serving for the fried rice was very generous as the both of us were even able to share this. The fried rice was good, while it may look too simple, I really love how flavorful it was. 

snax cp 3
Since my meal box was all shrimp and rice, Paul went for two chicken skewers and fries. That way, we were able to try both options. He went for the Roasted Honey Wing as well as the Chicken Gyoza. I love the Roasted Honey Wing as it was very tender and sweet. Yum! The fries were crisp but a bit too salty for me. I even had to shake off the excess salt but I guess they have been mixed in long before that the potato was quite too salty in every bite. The Chicken Gyoza was okay but I still prefer boiled or steamed gyozas over pan-fried ones. 

snax cp 6
Now, here's definitely one reason why I enjoyed our Snax! dinner -- the Chicky Chix. I've been intrigued by it ever since I made that $1 announcement. Finally, I was able to try it myself. I tell you, it was really yummy! The tender chicken fillet was fried and coated with your choice of sauce -- Honey Lemon, Garlic of Spicy. We got half Honey Lemon and half Garlic. I personally love the Honey Lemon as it reminds me of my favorite Lemon Chicken that I'd get from Mr Choi's Kitchen. The chicken was so juicy tender and it was such a delight to pair it with the Egg Fried Rice. 

We initially thought the two sticks per person + Chicky Chix might not be enough so we got a couple more sticks to try. Also, we couldn't decide really which ones to try so the best way is to get more! Smart idea? 

snax cp 4
I love the Shrimp Pop which reminds me of my Mommy's famous Camaron Rebosado minus the shell by the tail. It's so crunchy and I'm happy that the shrimp stays crisp and not mushy at all. The Shrimp Tofu was just a-okay. I was really expecting more from it but it just tastes like a deep-fried siomai. Since we loved the Roasted Honey Wing, we also tried the Grilled Flamed Chicken which was oh-so-good! I think I really prefer the grilled/roasted skewers more than the deep-fried ones save for the Shrimp Pop and Shrimp Lolly. 

It was a fun and very casual dinner as we happily tried one skewer after the other. We realized that these would make perfect movie munchies as it would be so easy and mess-free to eat. Wish there would be a Snax! kiosk in Vivo City to make it more convenient to just buy before we head to the cinema. 

Meanwhile, check out the Snax! by CP Foods kiosks at the basement level of Takashimaya Department Store along Orchard Road and Jurong East Mall (JEM). 

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