Date Night at Seven Corners, Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria

During our staycation at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Paul and I decided to have dinner at Seven Corners. It has been a while since we've had a buffet dinner and what would make our visit home more enjoyable than to allow ourselves to indulge, right?

seven corners 5
Having had the privilege to try a number of hotel buffets in the Metro, Paul and I have grown to love a number of hotel buffets for one or two of its specialties. For instance, we love one hotel buffet for their to-die-for Caprese Salad, another one would be for their abundant seafood choices, another one would be for their impressive Japanese selections...and the list goes on and on.

While I wasn't my usual self that evening that I just tried a few dishes and quickly waved the white flag, I happily watched my husband enjoy the buffet selections of Seven Corners. I got to admit, Seven Corners have quite limited choices but we all know that quantity doesn't always equate to quality right?

seven corners 2
We began our dinner with some healthy salad. I love that they had an entire bowl of Arugula and all the yummy cheeses allowing me to mix and match to my heart's desire. The greens were very fresh and the arugula, in particular, was very flavorful which I was so happy about.

seven corners 4
I normally stay away from the pizza/pasta/rice stations when dining at a buffet as we know that carbs can quickly fill you up. However, I was in need of a delicious comfort food that evening that I asked the Pasta Chef to prepare a plate of Pesto on Farfalle for me. He added in a lot of juicy shrimps and mushrooms too. Yum!

I also went to check out the Chinese station and was hoping to get some steamed dimsum but sadly they didn't have any. The only thing they have in this station was some Noodle Soup. Yikes! Wish they would add in some dumplings and dimsum to improve on the authenticity of this station.

seven corners 3
Meanwhile, I told Paul that Seven Corners is known for their steak and that's one thing he shouldn't miss. As soon as I was done telling him that, he quickly trooped to the Grilling Station and asked the Chef to give him two slices of steak grilled Medium Well. Being a simple, no-frills guy, he happily ate his steak with some gravy and Worcestershire sauce at the side. I tell you, do not ever miss out on Seven Corners' steak as it's really really good.

They also have a Japanese station and while I normally would start my meal with a plate of sashimi and makis, I wasn't impressed with what they had that day so I opted to just go healthy with some salad. We wanted to try the Ebi Tempura though but despite having our table situated near this station, we can't seem to be quick enough to grab a piece or two as every time we check it out, the container's always empty. We gave up eventually.

seven corners 1
Dessert was an array of ice cream with mix-ins, fresh fruits, a couple of baked treats and a chocolate fondue.  I really love chocolate fondue and to ensure that I get my much-needed dose of vitamin C, I loaded my plate with a lot of fresh fruits. I remember enjoying some Durian Creme Brulee before, I wonder why it wasn't there that evening.

The vibe at Seven Corners that evening was quite different from what I was accustomed to. Back then, I would regularly have business meetings and lunch get-togethers at Seven Corners where I'd see the restaurant filled with big groups of working professionals. During that evening, it was less crowded and not as lively perhaps due to the low number of diners too. I guess Seven Corners is a business buffet restaurant where it gets busy during lunch over dinner. Dinner would probably be the best time for couples who want to have their just-you-and-me-time and here. Save for the always-missing Ebi Tempura, you don't have to wait for anything as there's barely any line in all stations.

Buffet rates:
Lunch (Mon-Sat) : Php. 1,657.37
Lunch (Sunday) : Php. 1,878.34
Dinner (Sun-Thursday) : Php. 1,767.86
Dinner (Friday - Sat) : Php. 1,878.34
*Source here

Seven Corners is located at the 2nd floor of Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila, Ortigas Avenue corner ADB Avenue, Quezon City. To make a reservation, call them at 633-7222. 

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