Azabu Sabo : Best Hokkaido Ice Cream in Singapore

In the many years that I've been food blogging, I've had the privilege to try hundreds of restaurants which also means being able to enjoy thousands of different dishes ranging from starters down to desserts. From formal, fine-dining restaurants to the quick service fast food types, I would find a hidden gem every now and then. That's what makes eating so enjoyable and yes, fulfilling.

During one of our Saturdates, Paul and I stumbled upon an ice cream kiosk at the basement of Takashimaya Department Store. It was after having almost a dozen sticks of deep-fried shrimp patties and grilled chicken that we found ourselves craving for something sweet.

hokkaido ice cream 1
Choosing which one to try was easy, I just went for the dessert kiosk with the longest line. As everyone would really patiently line up for good food here in Singapore, I am then assured that whatever I'm lining up for will be worth the wait and leg exercise. That evening, a long line was forming in front of Azabu Sabo, a stall selling Hokkaido Ice Cream.

hokkaido ice cream 2
It wasn't our first time to try Hokkaido Ice Cream as we were able to have this back in Manila more than a year ago. I remembered how creamy and delicious it was making it worth the Php. 100 price tag which is definitely considered pricey in vanilla ice cream standards. Here, a cone is worth $4.30 while it's $3.50 in a cup. I guess, Hokkaido Ice Cream is really a premium kind of ice cream given its extremely creamy texture and the flavor was just so addictingly yummy.

hokkaido ice cream 3
There were more than 20 flavors to choose from but I went with their best-seller -- the Black Sesame. I love how high my scoop of ice cream was. It was packed and despite serving it in a cone, I was also given a small scoop to make it easier to eat.

I'm not exaggerating but Azabu Sabo has the best Hokkaido Ice Cream that I've had so far. The Black Sesame had a nice toasted and nutty taste. The texture was very good on the palate with a big of rough layers perhaps due to the ground black sesame. You can also opt to get two flavors in one cone. I should remember to do that next time.

We all know that Singapore mostly has warm weather year-round. This would definitely be a good way to beat the heat at any given time of the day and week!

Check out Azabu Sabo at the Basement level of Takashimaya Department Store in Orchard. They also have a store at The Central in Clarke Quay. 

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