Sakae Sushi : The Fun Rotating Sushi!

I had a good day yesterday. 

Wanna know why? 

It's because I finally was able to talk to my sister who was away most of the time these past months working on a really hectic project. She has been almost incommunicado since she began with the project and boy were we all counting down the days till it finally ends. Anyway, it's over and I can get to talk to my sister anytime I want again! Hooray!

I really missed her, you know. *sniffle*

Speaking of my sister Pan, did you know that whenever we travel together, we have this little tradition of dining at a Japanese restaurant with rotating sushi? It began when we were kids in Hong Kong and it somehow carried on when we went to Bangkok together and when she was here in Singapore a few months ago. Thus, a trip is not complete without having this little tradition. I actually attempted to dine at a rotating sushi restaurant on my own when I went to Beijing and the experience was just not as fun.

Sakae Sushi is one of the restaurants where I think I'll take Pan to try when she comes to visit me one of these days. Actually, I first tried Sakae Sushi in Manila and the experience was really terrible for me. We availed of their Eat-All-You-Can Sushi and the catch is, there should be no leftovers. Sounds fair...not unless you serve the worst tasting sushi known to mankind. It was so bad that Paul and I really couldn't get ourselves to take another bite. We then ended up becoming quite creative just to dispose all evidence of having leftovers. After that, we stayed far far away from Sakae Sushi and never ever recommended this to anyone.

Thus, when my colleagues invited me to have lunch with them at Sakae Sushi, I was a bit hesitant. I really didn't want to ruin my lunch over bad sushi again. However, Sakae Sushi originated here in Singapore so I figured that for them to last this long, the ones here must be pretty good. The store was pretty small and we were lucky enough to score a booth that can fit all 5 of us. Our booth was complete with a box of utensils and a hot water dispenser making everything so easy and hassle-free.

sakae sushi 1
The fun part about dining in restaurants with rotating sushi belts is that you can just grab any plate and eat right away. Note the different pricing per plate though. Since I wasn't in the mood to splurge on lunch that day, I just focused on all the Colored Plates (S$2.29).

Here's what I got for lunch:

sakae sushi 5
Salmon Maki
I really wanted to have some Salmon Sashimi but it never came out and ordering for it would take forever. This one somehow did the trick!

sakae sushi 4
Tamago Maki
My all-time favorite! I love how sweet the egg omelet was. Yum!

sakae sushi 2
Futo Maki
I know, I was really playing safe that day -- ordering most things I'm familiar with. The Futo Maki also didn't disappoint. I just hope they have added in more filling though.

sakae sushi 3
Salmon Skin Maki
This was just a-okay. Don't think I'm getting this again next time.

sakae sushi 6
Crispy Salmon Skin
Yum! Give me a bottle of sake and this would be a perfect pair to it!

Over-all I was pleased with my lunch at Sakae Sushi. The quality and flavor was pretty good. Sadly, service needed some improvement as it took them more than 20 minutes to serve my colleague's order. Even after multiple follow-ups, the service was just so sloooowww.

Click here for the complete listing of Sakae Sushi's branches all over Singapore.

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