Staycation Love at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria

There's really something about staycations that excites me.

To others, it may just be an overnight stay. However, for us, a staycation is the perfect excuse to "eject" ourselves out from our daily routine and to just relax, relax and relax some more. During our recent visit home, Paul and I stayed the night at Crowne Plaza Manila.

As I've probably mentioned a hundred times already (apologies for that), I was down with viral high fever that would go down in the morning and would shoot up again come night time almost all throughout the week that I was home. Our stay was no exception. I was okay in the morning but just as soon as I stepped inside our beautiful Premiere Suite, my temperature shot up to 39 degrees alarming Paul who told me to just stay in bed and rest till I feel better. It was a good thing that our room was really comfortable that I just snuggled under the sheets to keep myself from having chills and to lower my temperature too.

Anyway, let me give you a quick tour around our room:

crowne plaza manila 1
As you enter, you'll see the living room with a small powder room at the side. This is the perfect place to entertain guests which is exactly what we did when my Mom and Pan came to check on me the next day. This room also has a study table with LAN connection but the entire hotel is WiFi powered too so you're assured of being connected 24/7.

crowne plaza manila 4
I love hotels who gives bottles of complimentary distilled water. The truth is, I can be quite anal when it comes to my drinking water that despite how many times I'm told that water in Singapore is potable, I still insist in boiling my water twice just to be sure. What more when traveling? I really do like having a bottle of distilled water with me all the time. The room was also equipped with a coffee maker and a water heater which we used to make my tea and Paul's coffee the next day.

crowne plaza manila 3
Moving on, here's our bathroom. Isn't it HUGE? Paul loved the tub which he happily spent an hour or so here. Definitely a great place for your me-time.

crowne plaza manila 2
This is where I spent most of my stay in. The Bedroom. Crowne Plaza Manila has one of the best beds in town. If only they can make their pillows fluffier as it was somehow a bit too low and lumpy for my liking. I had to stack two pillows just so I won't get a stiffed neck the next day. Our room overlooks busy Ortigas Avenue. It also has a flat screen TV and a clothes press perfect for travelling businessmen who needs to iron their suit or shirts.

crowne plaza manila 5
How'd you find our room? Beautiful isn't it? Now, if the room wasn't enough to make us feel at home, they also sent over a plate of chocolate desserts which my chocoholic hubby happily enjoyed. When I asked him which one he liked best, he stared at the empty cup and plate and thought really hard. Only to tell me after: "I like them all!"

crowne plaza manila 6
A few hours after checking in and after waking up from my nap, I wasn't feeling as feverish anymore and seeing that my temperature has gone down, we decided to go up to the Club Lounge for some cocktails and snacks. I really like staying in Club Rooms and Suites simply because I can get access to this exclusive lounge where I can have snacks and drinks all day long. We also enjoy just hanging out and talking. No cellphones, no Facebook, no Instagram, no distractions. Just me and him...him and me.

crowne plaza manila 8
The selections for their Afternoon Cocktail was pretty limited but I was still impressed nonetheless. Let's start with this fresh honey which I happily drizzled over my plate of soft cheese and nuts. I also added a few spoonfuls in my water with lemon which I was told helps cure whatever virus I may have.

crowne plaza manila 7
There are about 5-6 hot dishes available, fresh fruits and sandwiches too. I was pretty much happy with the cheeses, fruits and some spicy nuts.

crowne plaza manila 9
They also got some finger food to go with your glass of bubbly.

We had to watch what we eat as we will be having dinner at Seven Corners later that evening and we just didn't want to spoil our appetite for what Seven Corners had to offer. More on that in my next post.

The morning after...

The next day, I woke up feeling hungry as I ended up eating so little the night before. The good news was my fever was went down but not wanting to push it, we decided to just call room service for our breakfast. Using the menu that they left on the door, I chose two Filipino Breakfast plates and one Continental to share. I told you I was hungry. :)

crowne plaza manila 10
I then cleared our coffee table thinking we will be eating there. What I didn't expect was our breakfast plates came with a set-up table. Look, they had three sets of utensils probably the chef thought they'd be three people eating. Now imagine the shock on the housekeeping staff's face when he saw there were just two people...two hungry people ready to dig in.

Paul had his usual Beef Tapa with Garlic Rice and Egg while I went for the Corned Beef Breakfast with Garlic Rice and Sunny Side Up Egg. We shared a plate of Continental Breakfast which consists of Omelette, Hashed Brown, Pancakes and Sausages. I enjoyed the Continental Breakfast more as I loved the fluffy pancakes as well as the perfectly cooked omelette. Paul loved his Beef Tapa though as he missed this a lot already. While we were not able to avail of the Breakfast Buffet at Seven Corners, we were really happy that we just ordered in. At least we got to enjoy our breakfast while relaxing in our room too.

We were able to request for a late check-out thus we even managed to nap after breakfast. Now this is exactly why our staycations are just so relaxing. All we do is to eat and sleep over and over again!

crowne plaza manila 11
Finally, it was time to bid our room goodbye as we checked out of the hotel. Before doing so, I checked out the pool which Crowne Plaza Manila shares with its sister hotel Holiday Inn Manila. It's not a very big pool but it would be nice to lounge around especially on a sunny and lazy day.

I was initially feeling really down that I had to cancel on a lot of meet-ups due to my fever. Thus, I'm so glad that we pushed through with our staycation at Crowne Plaza Manila as this has made our quick visit home truly memorable and relaxing.

Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria is located at Ortigas Avenue corner ADB avenue, Quezon City. 

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