Hole in the Wall Discovery : Club Street Social

If there's one person here in the Lion City who has been really supportive of this blog aside from Paul, that would definitely be C. C has been giving brilliant ideas on what topics I can write about, how I can further keep you, my readers, entertained and he would also share news about restaurants that I have to try out. In fact, the Explore Singapore series came about after a quick chat with C one afternoon. I do hope you're all enjoying that new addition in this blog and we all got C to thank for.

club street social 1
Anyway, he turned another year older (and wiser) two weeks ago but due to a really unfortunate and sudden incident, we had to somehow postpone his celebration to last weekend. Well, I do believe in week-long even month-long celebrations so it's really not too late. C didn't gave much information on where his birthday lunch will be except an instruction to meet us at the lobby of the hotel where he had a nice weekend staycation with his wife I. As soon as we got to our meeting place, we began to walk towards the CBD area into a small street called Gemmill which is round the corner from the famous Club street. 

club street social 2
The restaurant is a small resto-bar with limited seating inside and a couple more bar stools and table outside. Since we went on a Sunday, the surrounding was very quiet, totally different from the usual scene during weekday evenings. It took us a while for our table to be ready inside but as soon as we were comfortably seated, it didn't took long for our food to arrive. The menu was simple yet it was so hard to choose because everything just sounded so good. 

club street social 3
As always, Paul and I shared our two lunch choices. I went for the Gnocchi with Mushroom Cream and Parmesan (S$18). I know the photo above may not do justice to the food but I'm telling you, it was HEAVENLY. I've tried quite a number of gnocchi in the past and a lot fell short of my expectations. This one was perfect. The gnocchi had a really good bite and the cream had a good consistency. Not too heavy and definitely not watery. To this day, I continue to have daydreams about this delicious dish and I can't wait to go back for more. However, I'd still share it with Paul as I think having one whole creamy plate to myself might be too much. 

club street social 4
Our second dish was the Social's Burger (S$20) which was filled with fontina cheese and truffle mayo. It also came with a good serving of fresh mesclun salad. The beef was thick and juicy, the truffle mayo was light and at bit lacking in that oomph that I was looking for. Either our taste buds were greatly overwhelmed by the strong flavor of the gnocchi or the burger condiments were just too light. However, we focus on the beef, right? The meat was perfectly grilled yet as Paul sliced it into half, the juice came rushing out. It so yummy! 

club street social 5
To share, C also ordered a plate of Parmesan Fries which came with tomato ketchup, mustard and chili. Definitely a great bar chow or a perfect additional sides for our burger. 

Looking at the menu, I'd say that the prices of the dishes are very reasonable as majority falls below the S$20 price range. It also seems like they serve good coffee and brunch dishes as I noticed that the neighboring table was happily enjoying a plate of toast, scrambled egg and coffee. 

This is such a good discovery and I thank C for taking us here. I want to have more gnocchi...now! 

Club Street Social is located at 5 Gemmill Lane, Singapore. Call them at 6225 - 5043.

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