TWG Tea Company, Singapore

TWG Tea Company was established here in Singapore and the funny thing is, the first time I finally went to try it was during my sister's recent visit as she agreed to meet up with her college buddy R for an after-dinner night cap. Being the protective sister that I was, I just can't leave her alone so I insisted to tag along whether they like it or not. Well... another reason is because I was dying to finally try TWG too! *evil laugh*

So, we got there an hour and a half before their ION Orchard branch closes. We promised the server that we will be quick and we just want to have some tea and cakes. Look how pretty the store is! The entrance is lined with the wide array of TWG flavors available on one side and a long line of pretty colorful macarons on the other. Oh, this is such a pretty, dainty place for a girly catch-up. 

As soon as R arrived, we wasted no time in ordering our desserts and drinks. They had a rather complex menu of tea blends and sensing our confusion, our friendly server guided us through. First, he asked if we wanted something fruity, floral, nutty and so on. After giving him our preferences, he continued to give suggestions on what he thinks we would like. Each pot starts at S$11 and sadly, they don't encourage sharing. Our server suggested that I try the Silver Moon Tea which I've been hearing a lot about. I know that this is one of TWG's more popular tea blends and I instantly knew why after taking my first sip. It had a light green tea base with strawberry-infused flavor notes. It was really yummy and perfect as a dessert tea. I happily shared my tea with Pan and R who liked it very much too. 

Of course, what's a tea time catch up without cakes right? TWG has this pretty dessert cart where you can choose which slice to get. Since we couldn't decide which one to get, then we agreed to just get one each and to share. 

So, our first choice was the Raspberry Tart which I love love love! Pan and I fell in love with it the moment we both saw it. This was indeed a good choice as we enjoyed this light fruity dessert that perfectly matched our cups of tea. The custard filling was creamy yet light, the tart crust had a good crunchy bite and the fruits on top just sealed the deal perfectly. 

We also tried the Matcha Mousse which was a sponge-y cake covered with a raspberry-like jelly coating. I have to admit that after falling in love with the Raspberry Tart, this was just a-okay for me. 

Lastly, we had the Singapore Surprise which ... well blew us by surprise! Imagine a simple looking tart that actually has a delicious creme brulee top and filled with custard cream and strawberry. It was pretty good as I love anything like creme brulee. 

I had fun tagging along Pan and R's quick Singapore catch-up. :) Well they did most of the talking while I took care of the eating and drinking. Haha! Will definitely be back for more cups of tea and cakes at TWG!

I just wonder why TWG in Singapore always has two branches per venue. Anyone knows the answer? 

TWG Tea Company is located at ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #01-29 Singapore 238801. Call them at 6463-1837. They also have another branch at the 2nd level of ION Orchard, in Marina Bay Sands, Takashimaya Department Store and in Republic Plaza. 

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