Osaka Ohsho Singapore : Where Gyoza is King

After a mind-enriching afternoon spent at River Safari, my family decided to head over to Raffles Shopping Centre for dinner. Not quite sure where to eat, I suggested that we try one of my favorite lunch places -- Osaka Ohsho.

osaka ohsho sg 1
I know there's a branch in the Philippines already but since none of them have tried it yet, I might as well let them try the one here in Singapore, right? Luckily, we got there after dinner rush so we didn't have to line up anymore. We were immediately brought to our table where a bright red iPad menu was waiting for us.

How cool huh?! No need to ask for the menu, no need to wait for the server to come to the table to get our orders. All we had to do was to flip through the options and to tap on the ones that we'd like to get. The program works just like an online shopping website where all orders goes to a "shopping cart" and when we've completed our order, all that needs to be done is to send it to the kitchen. Within minutes, our drinks arrived followed.

osaka ohsho sg 2
Osaka Ohsho specializes in GYOZA (S$7.80/12 pcs). Japanese pan-fried dumplings filled with minced pork and chives and delicately tucked within a thin wrapper. Paul and I are such fans of gyoza that no Japanese meal is complete without it. This is also one reason why I keep going back to Osaka Ohsho. I love how the gyoza stays slighty crunchy and firm on the outside and as I take a bite, I get to savor the flavorful pork and chives filling which has a mild sour kick brought about by my soy-vinegar dip. Give me a plate of this and I'd be a happy girl!

My family also enjoyed the gyoza and this means a lot as both my parents are not very fond of anything deep-fried or even pan-fried. They like their dumplings steamed. I'm glad that they enjoyed the gyoza very much.

osaka ohsho sg 4
To go with the gyoza, we had two bowls of Fried Rice (S$9.90) to share among the four of us. The serving was quite big so we opted to just share the rice to be able to enjoy more viands that evening. It was delicious albeit a bit oily for my taste.

osaka ohsho sg 3
Pan and Mommy loves octopus so we tried the Baby Octopus (S$5.90). We initially thought this might not be a good choice but we were surprised at how tasty and huge the baby octopuses were! No longer babies... more like toddler octopuses if you ask me. It had a slight spicy kick and a sweet flavor note too.

osaka ohsho sg 5
We also tried the Salmon Teriyaki (S$10.90) which got Mommy's thumbs-up sign. It was definitely fresh and really yummy. I was also so happy to try this and I'll make a mental note to get the Gyoza-Salmon Set next time.

Our dinner at Osaka Ohsho was quite simple but I'm glad that the gyoza has wowed my parents and sister. This is definitely one restaurant that serves good Japanese dishes as such reasonable prices.

Check out Osaka Ohsho at Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-75 Singapore. Other branches are in Plaza Singapura, Westgate, NEX and Bukit Panjang. 

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