Khansama Tandoori Village at Science Park

In my opinion, when it comes to Indian food, there are just two types of people -- one who loves it to bits and one who don't. Rarely have I encountered anyone who's in-between. What's being in-between, after all?!

I consider myself lucky as the people whom I regularly eat out with all share the same love for Indian food as I do so it's not difficult to convince them where to go whenever the craving for prata, butter chicken masala, paneer or papadum comes about. Back in Manila, Pan has been my constant Indian lunch date as we both love to order the same things -- see here and here. So, whenever I would have some Indian cuisine here, I can't help but reminisce about our fun lunch dates making me miss her even more.

khansama 1
Khansama Tandoori Village is a popular Indian restaurant located in Science Park. Surrounded by office buildings, Science Park is a bustling place during the weekdays and a very quiet community at night and during the weekends. Who would have thought that one could find a gem in here? After moving into our new place a year ago, the NKids decided to celebrate our successful move with baskets of delicious naan and pots of curry. Luckily, Science Park is just a stone's throw away from home so walking there took us less than 5 minutes with occasional stops and chitchats.

Since we all had a busy morning pushing boxes around, the boys carrying them and making sure our new home is clean and organized, we all agreed that we deserved a feast!

khansama 3
Khansama is known of its delicious, freshly baked Naan. So, our lunch began with a Mixed Bread Basket (S$15) which we all happily shared. Each basket gives you a mix of original, plain Naan bread and flavored ones. We loved the garlic naan which just smells sooooo good!

khansama 2
To go with the bread, we got the Non-Vegetarian Platter (S$35) which is good for sharing. Since there were 5 of us, we each had our share of chicken, mutton, shrimp and fish. Each had its own distinct flavor and were grilled to perfection. It came with its set of dipping sauces too. I particularly love the creamy raita which helped fan out the flames caused by the spicy curry.

khansama 4
Since bread is just not enough, we also had bowls of Biryani Rice (S$5.50) which was very packed and can be shared by two.

khansama 5
Here's an array of viands that we had: Fish Curry (S$9.50), Butter Chicken (S$12.50) and my favorite -- Paneer Tikka Masala (S$12.50). We all loved the sauces which we used as dips for the bread and to drizzle over our biryani rice too. I particularly love how chunky and creamy the paneer was. The sauce had a delicious sweet-spicy flavor which makes it so addicting. The boys loved the Butter Chicken while my friend I enjoyed the Fish Curry.

I have to admit that the dishes at Khansama Tandoori Village were a tad more expensive compared to any other Indian eateries scattered all over the Lion City. However, you also have to consider the rather posh ambiance, the cool air-conditioning and the quality of the food as well. This is definitely one place where I'd love to invite friends to dine in one of these days and will take Pan here to try as well.

Visit Khansama Tandoori Village at 87 Science Park Drive, #02-01 The Science Hub, Science Park 1, Singapore 118260. Call them at 6299 0300 / 6776 0300.

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