The Art of Shabu Shabu cooking

Since I've been drinking this nasty Chinese herbal medicine for a week to help cure my stubborn cough and colds, the side effect of this is making my stomach go berserk! Thus, I've been shying away from events that will make me stay out of the house for more than three hours. Hopefully, after drinking the final batch last night, I hope my stomach will finally stabilize the same way that my cough and colds have miraculously disappeared.

I almost turned down an invite yesterday to join yet another food blogger's event but thanks to the persistence of Achi Didi and Sophie
who were so sweet to pass by for me and to my stomach who remained cooperative throughout the night, I had a blast eating, laughing and bonding with fellow bloggers over pots of boiling shabu shabu!

The Magic of Shabu Shabu

For those who might be wondering what on earth is a shabu shabu and before you might further conclude that we underwent some kind of illegal activity last night, shabu shabu is actually a method of cooking using a very hot pot, a delicious broth and loads of fresh meat and seafood depending on your preference. Furthermore, in my opinion, it's a wonderful way to bring out that wannabe-chef in you! Ü

Last night, we found out that there's actually a procedure on how to properly cook your shabu shabu dinner. It's not just throwing everything into the boiling water and waiting for the meat and seafood to cook. More often than not, you'll end up with overcooked shrimps and flavorless meat.

Thanks to Candy Hwang, the owner of Healthy Shabu Shabu, we were thought which items to put in first (like the corn and taro) because it takes longer for them to cook followed by the ones that is needed to add more flavor to the broth like the prawns, meatballs and a few leafy veggies.

I carefully followed her instructions while consciously timing my prawns to make sure that it won't get overcooked as I do not like struggling while taking the shells out.

Finally, I had my first catch for the night. I carefully peeled the shells out of my first prawns, dunked it into the yummy garlic satay soy sauce and slowly savored the freshness of the seafood mixed with the flavor taken from the soup. Mmmm... Ü I am in shabu shabu heaven.

There are two more things that I love about shabu shabu dinners: #1) the garlic satay soy sauce which I dip everything (and I really mean EVERYTHING) in before biting into it and #2) the sweet corn which I always save for my last bite.

A very filling happy meal

Although rice is rarely included in a shabu shabu meal. Believe me, you'd be thankful to skip out on the carbs because eating the meat, seafood and veggies can be very filling already. I'd say, it's a perfect meal for someone who's on a strict no-rice diet! Yeah! Ü

You can also enjoy your own Shabu Shabu dinner at any Healthy Shabu Shabu restaurant with branches located at the Powerplant Mall, Podium, SM Mall of Asia, Alabang Town Center, Robinsons Galleria, The Block (SM North), Robinsons Midtown and Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

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