on budget travelling

I've always been a big fan of discounts and price-off promotions. I guess this is one reason why I regularly update myself on the upcoming mall-wide sales and as much as possible I make it a point to go and check it sale out. However, I admit that not all sale promos were good enough. In fact, some were disappointing that I just leave the mall without making any purchase.

This fondness also applies on how I travel. As much as possible, I try to scrimp on my air/bus/boatfare to be able to save a bigger chunk of my budget on eating and shopping. Thus, I find joy when receiving alerts from local airline companies regarding their upcoming seat sales.

Two months ago, my sister and I availed the zero seat sale by Cebu Pacific for our Bangkok trip. We were excited that we got a great deal which inevitably earned us bragging rights since the regular rate is more than double the amount that we paid for.

We were both so excited about the trip that we didn't really mind that we'll be travelling at midnight and that there won't be any meals on board. We figured out that we'll most probably just sleep through the three-hour flight.

On the day of our departure, we entered the aircraft and immediately noticed that it's a lot smaller compared to the other commercial planes that we've been on. There are three seats on each side and no middle aisle. We found our seats and quickly settled in. The flight in itself was ok though it was a bit difficult to take a nap, this is because the leg room was really small that it was barely possible to find a comfortable position. At some point, I kinda felt like riding in a flying bus complete with the low whirring sound, the small seats and the tight leg room.

However, we loved the flight attendants who were all so friendly and accomodating to our needs. They gently reminded us when it's time to buckle our seatbelts and they won't bother you when your catching some Zs.

I realized that although budget planes will still get you to your destination, it, however, takes away the comfort, convenience and premium experience that other airlines would offer.

While I'm already looking forward to the next seat sale, I think now know better to take budget planes only for domestic or short distance travels and to save up for a more premium flight for longer trips.

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