[Bangkok's Best] Let's get Cultural at Siam Niramit

When travelling, we always believe that it is important to immerse ourselves into the culture of the country that we're visiting. This way, our minds will be enrich not only on the best retail products available but as well as on the history, traditions and culture of another country other than our own.

Despite the short time available for us to go around Bangkok, we made it a point to partake in a couple of tours that will help us understand the rich culture than serves as a very strong foundation for a country like Thailand. We took the advice of friends and scheduled a night to watch Siam Niramit. A cultural show that is truly breath-taking and definitely world-class.

Arriving at the area a little past 530PM, we were given our stubs for the Thai-Western buffet dinner and our tickets to the show. With the show starting at 8PM, we took the time to go around a mini Thai village showcasing the different culinary treats and art works all over Thailand. It also has a mini replica of a traditional Thai house and a small area for visitors to avail of authentic Thai Massage.

After one round, we went back to the entrance where we came face-to-face with two friendly looking elephants. My sister, who loves elephants, was obviously having the time of her life! For only 15baht (approximately Php. 20.25 / 45cents) we can even feed them with sugar canes!

Finally, the show began at exactly 8PM. We found our seats at the center of a huge auditorium which actually was credited by the Guiness Book of World Records to have biggest stage in the world.

As Siam Niramit stands for the Journey to the Enchanted Kingdom of Siam expect a lot of mythical and fantasy characters in the show. It was really a one-of-a-kind performance keeping us at awe on how they were able to have that on stage or to bring this in the Auditorium.

The show has two parts with a very entertaining intermission with an audience participation. How I wish they called me to participate too. :P

My apologies for not being able to share the story of Siam Niramit with you as I would love for you to experience the show yourself. It was truly a wonderful evening getting to know Thailand and its very rich history. On my next visit, I can't wait to join more tours to visit the different parts of the country as narrated in Siam Niramit.

Siam Niramit is located at 19 Tiamruammit Road, Huaykwang, Bangkok, Thailand. Show starts at exactly 8PM. Tickets are sold at the Official Siam Niramit Website or at your hotel's travel desk.

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