Spending my Saturday mornings at Salcedo

Here's where I've been spending most of my Saturday mornings:

Located at the heart of Salcedo Village, the Saturday Salcedo Market is a mecca for foodies and Makati residents in search for organic goods, yummy cooked dishes and unique finds. The market opens at 7AM and ends at around 2PM.

Over the years, it has grown in terms of the number of stalls available as well as in size (they have extended towards the playground area where more tables and chairs were set up for diners). However, it continues to attract more and more market goers who would travel all the way to Salcedo every Saturday morning to visit their favorite food stalls or to discover something new.

I'd like to share with you some of my Salcedo market favorites:

1) Thai Iced Tea
Together with the tag line "It really brings you back to Bangkok!"
This I'll have to see after my trip. I love the blend of tea and milk over crushed ice. It has been my perfect companion while enduring the heat as I go around the market.

2) Authentic Paella Valenciana by Sabor/Tierra
Thanks to good friends Gomz and Kat who became instant endorsers of the Paella after trying it for the first time and going back right after to buy another order, I was convinced that I should try it out on my next visit. Which, I'm glad I did! I love how flavorful the Paella was and the girl was also so kind to add in more tutong (burnt rice) after I've told her I love my Paella with lots of tutong!

3) Fro-yo's
Look for the man with the ice cream cart and discover for yourself the goodness of Frozen Yogurt! For P65 a cup, these froyo's are made of fresh yogurt and are genuinely organic! There are a lot of flavors to choose from too! There's Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango and Coconut! My personal favorite is the strawberry *yum yum!*

4) Gallete Complete (P100)
Take it from the French man. We found out that Galletes are your savory crepes! Made on the spot, we love the Gallete Complete which is a mixture of ham, egg and cheese served on a bed of lettuce.

5) Tabbouleh by La Cuisine
Don't know where to find this? Just look for the stall with the most number of customers and I'm sure you've found La Cuisine. Being one of the more popular stalls in the Salcedo Market, I'll never get tired of trying their delicious dishes while paring it with my all-time favorite Greek salad called Tabbouleh (parsley mixed with tomatoes and onions).

Oh dear, now I hear my stomach growling...

See you on Saturday!

The Salcedo Weekend Market is located that the Salcedo Park between LP Leviste and Tordesillas Streets in Salcedo Village.


  1. sarap naman ng food!

  2. i wanna go, if i cant drag the foodistas, i'll drag my mom :| hahaha

  3. too many things to try there, saw u:)

  4. Ooohh I miss Salcedo market... Makapunta nga :D

  5. @lilcarrotgirl: sila ung may giant burger right? :) paul nga wants to take the challenge eh! gosh! hehehe

    @bong: yes yes bring the foodistas or your mom! super enjoy :) go early though coz parking is very limited

  6. Woww... I'd love to go this market! :) The food seems so great! It gives the feel of a market in US/Canada. Definitely not the icky public market. :)

  7. sabbie!!! wanna plan a salcedo market morning? :)

  8. salcedo weekend market is really one of the best in the metropolis. just so many to find and eat.

  9. Try the Legaspi Sunday Market as well, though there's more variety at the Salcedo. :)

  10. I've heard so much about the Saturday Salcedo market and I've been meaning to go for the longest time and after seeing your posts, I will definitely be going soon. Thanks for sharing!


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