[Bangkok's Best] The best munchies in town

To conclude my Bangkok's Best series, I would like to share with you a couple of pasalubong (traveler's presents) suggestions that were all a hit with my family and friends.

Bangkok is known for its fresh fruits like lanzones, rambutan, mangosteen and dragonfruit. It is also known for its preserved fruit candies like spicy tamarind, sweetened cherries and a lot more.

Well, I'm letting you all in a secret.

Discovered within the long stretch of Bangkok's Chinatown are displays of yummy munchies packed in big red plastic bags. Sadly, we forgot the exact name of the store but it won' be difficult to look for it as the store is filled up with different varieties of dried pork jerkies, squid flakes and three of our new-found favorite snacks.

First is the Pop Chicken/Pork. This crunchy snack has a perfect sweet-salty blend that makes it very addicting. We were offered a free taste and we instantly bought close to a dozen bags to bring home. A bag would cost you around 100baht (approximately Php. 135 / $3). However, do not be afraid to haggle as the shop owner might just give you a discount.

The next snack pack is what I'd call Bangkok's chicharon (pork cracklings). It has the same sweet-salty flavor as the Pop Pork but comes in big size chips that easily cracks when not handled with care. Sadly, we bought less of this knowing that it might just get squashed in our bags on our way home. Too bad coz our mom really loved it asking us to keep two bags for our own consumption. This snack costs 130 baht (approximately Php. 175 / $3.90) per big bag.

The last snack found in Chinatown is my ultimate favorite. Thanks to Paul who introduced me to this wonderful munchy 5 years ago, I've been an avid fan since then. Though a lot of people, including myself, would shy away from the durian fruit, believe me its chip counterpart is truly sweet smelling and a delight to your taste buds. The Durian Chips comes in bite size yellow thin crisps that is slightly salted and perfect for an afternoon in front of the television. Though this is widely sold all over Bangkok, I was able to get the best deal in Chinatown which only costs me 100 baht (approximately Php. 135 / $3) for a huge bag! This prompted me to hoard on my favorite snack wihout realizing that I actually brought home more than a dozen bags, half of which will be for my personal consumption. Yehey!

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