A filling Fourth of July lunch

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Excited for an All-American celebration, my colleagues and I took up the courage and trooped all the way to Makati's red-light district for this one-of-a-kind dining experience at Filling Station.

Although the dining area begins at the second floor, the All-American feel starts right at the moment you step inside. Walls lined with movie memorabilias, old Coke collectibles (to the great delight of my Coke-loving friend Z) and a vintage phone that actually works!

Going up, we're greeted by a life-size statue of no less than the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. As we were led to our table, I simply had to resist the urge to go trigger-happy with the number of cool displays and more life-size statues of Superman, Flash and even Wonderwoman!

Just like an American diner, booths lined the sides of the restaurants instead of having tables and chairs scattered all over the place. Two billiard tables were placed at the center and more at an enclosed area for smokers. At this point, I love the idea that they have separated the smokers from the non-smokers as this is one of the downside of most billiard halls.

We were hungry and it was difficult to choose what to order because of the extensive list of food items available on their menu. Good thing they have photos to help make it a little bit easier for us to decide.

I dream of milkshakes

Thanks to fellow bloggers Anton and Lori, who have loads of positive remarks about Filling Station's milkshakes, we know we just have to try it ourselves to see if it's really really good.

The milkshake (P180) comes in a tall glass with an accompanying stainless cup where the extra shake was poured into. It was love at first sip with my Strawberry milkshake because I love the texture and the creaminess of my drink. It wasn't too heavy nor was it watered down. In fact, I'd likened it to drinking melted strawberry ice cream just how it was back then.

A diner won't be a diner without good food

Now comes the filling part. Blame it on our growling stomaches, we ordered enough to feed a family of 8! Below are the things that we got:

(From top left: Potato Skins, Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Schnitzel, James Dean Chicken Pesto Pasta and Four Cheese Pizza)

It would be biased to say that I enjoyed the two appetizers the most simply because I am a fan of starters over big, main dishes. In fairness, the Mozzarella Sticks were delicious because the cheese stayed inside the crust and the tomato salsa perfectly complemented this deep-fried wonder. The Potato Skins, on the other hand, may be a bit small in size but still managed to be big in flavor. We even had to request for additional sour cream from Jerry, our attentive server, who immediately refilled our dip containers.

I am a fan of Chicken Pesto Pasta but unfortunately, I find Filling Station's version a bit on the dry side. It would be better if the chicken still has that crunchy aspect and the pasta noodles, perfectly al dente.

As for the pizza and Chicken Schnitzel, well... there's nothing very exciting about these two dishes that would be worth mentioning.

The prices are a bit steep too. Be prepared to set aside at least P500 ($12) for a meal. In fact, I think this is the most expensive lunch out that I've had in my life. :P

On my next visit, I will still get the milkshake, the two appetizers and perhaps next time, I will try their burgers which I can always split with Paul. Ü

To avoid the traffic and party crowd along P. Burgos, it's best to dine here during breakfast or lunch. Also, parking may also be a problem as there are only two parallel-parking slots available right in front of the restaurant. Another option is to park at the side street beside Filling Station but watch out for the No Parking signage to avoid having your car towed by Makati's strict traffic enforsers.

Filling Station is located along P. Burgos street, Makati City.

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