These cakes made my sweet tooth happy

I've recently mentioned in my previous entry that I prefer cupcakes over a slice of cake to cover up the guilt but what I love about eating a slice of cake is the fact that I can fully appreciate the creativity of the baker in putting together a masterpiece that can only be seen through the layers of cake, cream, fruits, nuts or chocolate.

In this entry, I will share with you two of my favorite cakes which are not hard to find, are pretty affordable and are truly a delight to have after a good meal. Ü

Mariell Torte by Nothing Like Home-made...
Small : Php. 485 / Big : Php. 695

I had my first encounter with this cake more than a month ago. When two of my closest colleagues got this for my birthday. They ordered the biggest size and believe me when I say it was BIG! It think the box can easily fit a wedding gown. Yes, it was THAT big! Everyone in the office were awed and excited to try a piece that I actually managed to share the cake with everyone and still have a small portion for my family.

Beneath the colorful slices of apples, peaches and kiwis (my favorite!) are several layers of nut and custard filling alternating with crunchy merengue. It's very light yet truly satisfying!

Everyone really enjoyed their slice of the Mariell Torte that some even went back for seconds!

I really like biting into the nutty sweet custard accompanied with a piece of lightly frozen fruit. I also realized that it's best to thaw the cake a bit before indulging as it makes the experience more enjoyable instead of biting into hard frozen merengue, cream and fruit.

Truly, I'm thankful for my two colleagues who have shared this sweet discovery with everyone :) Now, Mariell Torte has gained at least a dozen more fans who'll constantly crave for this when their sweet tooth calls for it.

White Strawberry Tiramisu by Angel's Kitchen
Php. 159/slice

Growing up, I've never been a fan of Tiramisu. Although I do not entirely dislike it, I just do not find myself craving for it. I guess it's because I do not like having too much cream on my cake which I always end up leaving on my plate. I guess this is why I prefer chiffon cakes, fruit based desserts or ice cream.

Having dinner at Angel's Kitchen last night with long time friends, we have decided to get dessert as there are just too much stories to be shared and we are not ready to bid goodbye and head home yet. Going through the menu, my friend and I chose the White Strawberry Tiramisu. I'm happy that we chose this because of two things: #1) I love White chocolates and #2) I'm a huge fan of anything with strawberries!

Whereas a Tiramisu is known to have coffee or chocolate as the based flavor of the cake, this one is a different version specially made for the ladies. It's very light and fluffy which a generous layer of white chocolate icing on top following by a spread of strawberry jam and thin slice of chiffon cake. How I wish I ordered myself a cup of tea to go with my slice of cake.

Now, my every meal at Angel's Kitchen will never be complete without ordering a slice of their White Strawberry Tiramisu.

Here's where you can personally enjoy my favorite cakes:
Mariell Torte by Nothing Like Home-made: 896-0396/09174600052
White Strawberry Tiramisu by Angel's Kitchen: 721-8822

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