korean pears for this sick blogger

I've been down with tonsilitis, fever and clogged nasal passages since Monday and sadly recovery is taking its sweet time making my ordeal a bit harder and longer than I was hoping it would.

Just like everyone else, I hate being sick.

I do not like being stuck at home and I dislike the itchy, stingy pain that I feel whenever I cough, swallow or even laugh.

I guess I'm just lucky that my family and Paul have been taking good care of me. In some ways, I have to admit, spoiling me a bit during times like these.

For instance, ever since Tuesday, my grandparents have been calling me at least one every 2 hours to check on my condition. Even if I have no voice and it was really a struggle to talk, I'm really touched that they took the time out to do this for me.

Today is Day 5. With minor improvements on my voice and less itch on my throat, I was surprise to come home and see a plastic filled with pears from my grandpa. Knowing him, I'm sure he personally went all the way to the market/fruit store to buy these for me.

I immediately called him to say thank you and promised to slice up one pear right away.


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