Dreaming of Cocktails in my Cupcakes

I'm in love with cupcakes.

I always find it more fun to munch on these tiny sweet treats as opposed to indulging in a huge slice of cake which my mom will never approve of. ("too much sweets! loaded with calories!", she would always say)

Back when I was still in school, my dad would always buy a bag of cheese or chocolate cupcakes as our afternoon snack. I would take one tiny bite at a time to savor the moist, soft filling complimented by the sweet, decadent icing.

Growing up, I was exposed to more cupcakes varieties such as the ones popularized by the girls of Sex and the City. Cupcakes topped with colorful flavored icings and sprinkled with shiny edible beads. I would call these fashion cupcakes. Sadly, most of these fashion cupcakes are just nice to look at but terribly fails taste. Some are too crumbly while some are as hard as a rock. The last thing I want when biting into my cupcake is a tall glass of water to help push the dry cupcake down. Ugh.

Thanks to a friend and neighbor who sent over a box of adorable looking cupcakes in pink and blue icing which were part of the cupcake tower during their wedding, I happily brought the entire box to the office to share with my colleagues.

We all enjoyed the soft, moist cupcakes that a lot wanted to immediately order more for then own consumption.

Cuptails and Dreams

I've first gotten to know about them during the Baker's Fair at the Powerplant Mall last year. Amidst the long line of stalls selling cupcakes in all flavors and sizes, Cuptails and Dreams stood out because of their cocktail-inspired cupcakes. Why not put two wonderful things together,right? And so they did and out came a masterpiece!

My first cuptails were the Screaming O (chocolate cupcake with Kahlua and Vodka Topped with Bailey's buttercream frosting) and the Margarita (lime cupcake with tequila, triple sec, topped with lime buttercream frosting). My sister loved it so much that it has prompted her to go to Powerplant Mall the following weekend only to find out that they weren't there anymore.

Fast forward, more than six months after, I brought home a new box filled with Cuptail and Dreams yummy masterpieces!

Take a peek inside my box:

It was indeed a fun weeked as my family, Paul and I enjoyed every single cupcake in the box. We loved it so much that we actually found a perfect way to enjoy this which is by leaving it out at room temp for 10 minutes before indulging. By doing this, you'll notice how moist the cupcake is. Not flaky, dry or soggy.

So what were our top picks?

Being strawberry lovers, Paul and I chose the Vanilla Strawberry Soiree as our numero uno paborito. Imagine vanilla cupcake topped with strawberry buttercream frosting and strawberry puree. It's sweet, innocent and perfectly just the way we like it.

My sister, the chocoholic, on the other hand, enjoyed the Original Sin, which is your good ol' chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate frosting. This she adds to her list of favorites which includes the Screaming O and Margarita.

Seeing how much we love cupcakes and how fun it is to eat this, I'm seriously considering having my own tower filled with Vanilla Stawberry Soiree cupcakes on my BIG day.

For now, I'm glad that Cuptails and Dreams is just a phone call away to satify our cupcake cravings. Ü

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You may order your own box of Cuptails and Dreams by calling them at 0927-5653261 or emailing them at cuptailsanddreams@hotmail.com / order@cuptailsanddreams.com.

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