Ensaymada love

Having enough time to spare before the outreach that Paul and I promised to attend today, I suggested that we drop by the Legazpi Market so I can finally show Paul why I love it so much! Thankfully, most of the stalls were still not pulling out despite the fact that it was almost 2PM. Upon entering the market, Paul was immediately drawn towards Imang Salud's stall mainly due to her giant ensaymadas and those to-die-for Plantanillas.

I smiled at the stall owner, Mrs. Henares, not really expecting her to remember me since we just met once and this was already a month ago. Guess what?! She remembered me and even asked me if I'm Frannywanny. WOW! I'm so touched and flattered! She continued by telling me that she has read my article and thank me for liking the Plantanilla.

Even after a dozen "no tita, it's ok po..." and "nakakahiya po, it's ok really...", she still insists that I accept her gift as her way of saying THANK YOU.

So, I finally gave in and brought home this yummy merienda for my family and Paul to enjoy:

Dear Mrs. Henares,
Thank you very much for your kind gesture. I will and forever love your plantanillas and your classic ensaymadas Ü - Fran


  1. best ensaymada i've ever tasted are tendertraps'and diamond hotel's... this looks yummy too! :)

  2. Thanks Franny! I'm glad you liked mom's ensaimada :)

  3. Hi Ivan!! I really do and of course her Plantanilla :P YUM!!!

    Hi Oli! you should try Imang Salud's Ensaimada :) it really melts in your mouth and its not too buttery not dry too!

  4. yay! my family loved the ensaimadas too! plus ivan's mom is so approachable pa ;)

  5. I'm glad you accepted her gift. Although it feels nakakahiya, you can also look at it as the gracious thing to do in the face of overflowing gratitude. :-)


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