Manila, Manila, I'll build my home in Manila

*photos by Paul Ang

Manila, a city that continues to glow with colorful horse-drawn carriages (kalesa) and jeepneys that cruises down the long stretch of Roxas Boulevard and one that maintains its historical appeal through the various national landmarks is also home to more than 1.6M Filipinos.

Growing up in another city, sadly, Manila is one of the cities that I rarely visit. However, every time I do, it never fails to dazzle me with its ancient feel while showing signs of keeping up with the latest urban trends.

Just recently, Paul and I were invited by Alveo Land (formerly known as Community Innovations) and its PR counterpart to visit their newest development in Manila called Celadon Manila. What I always like about Ayala's projects (be it residential or commercial) is the fact that they manage to surround the area with greens and keep a very eco-friendly community. Furthermore, its neighborhood has integrated various elements that will allow the residents to live, work, dine and shop without going through the hassle of driving or commuting. In other words: EVERYTHING is within reach!

Arriving at Celadon Manila, we were directed to park the car by the clubhouse that has a beautiful pool and a colorful playground set where we saw a handful of kids enjoying their early morning swim.

The model unit was beautifully decorated however Paul and I both agreed that it's a bit too cramp and tiny for our liking. After the brief tour, we were ushered towards the entrance of the village where PICK Manila was located.

I guess it's common knowledge now how much I L.O.V.E. going to Weekend Markets! Therefore, seeing that the invite includes a chance to check out Celadon Manila's version that aims to bring the weekend market lifestyle to the Manileños, how can I say no to this?

To the market, to the market

We went on the first Sunday and while the long rectangular covered walkway was lined with a mix of food and dry goods stalls, I can't help but immediately compare this with the ones that I frequently visit such as this, this and this. PICK Manila has a different feel. It has more Asian and local choices that keeps you close to home. If there's one thing that will make me travel all the way back to Manila every would probably be this:

we love our flavored soda!! - Jane of Between Bites and yours truly -

Italian Strawberry Soda (Php. 55)

It was a warm Sunday morning and drinking a tall cup of flavored iced soda was just perfect. I love it with strawberry syrup while our companions liked the blueberry and lemon flavors. To prove just how good it was, the largest (XL) cup was sold out and they even ran out of ice when I went back to buy my second cup!

After a fun morning spent at Celadon Manila, Paul and I agreed that it is the perfect residential choice for newlyweds and small families who wants to live in Manila. With its close proximity to schools, churches and hospitals, it makes urban living a breeze.

PICK Manila is located the heart of Sta. Cruz Manila and can be found right in front of SM San Lazaro.


  1. if only the homes were not so expensive. but i guess you get what you pay for and with alveo properties, you get the best. nice pics!

  2. i agree! hahaha my jaw dropped when the sales rep told us the price hehe thanks arpee! these are paul's photos hehe Ü

  3. i enjoyed myself! but the feng shui sa houses aren't right daw sabi ng mom ni tiffy :\ if but i like the house nonetheless! :)

  4. oh man, a weekend market? i am sooo excited! we just got a condo there ;-) i loooove markets!

  5. @bong: really? you know i thought of that when i entered the model unit but then again im no feng shui expert haha

    @caryn: yup! it will be for the entire month of september but who knows this might go on forever if successful ;)

  6. Hi Fran, I'm curious about the weekend market.. I wanna go, more details please. Can I go there to the market without an invite?

    I'm familiar with SM San Lazaro but not with the place of the weekend market.

  7. hi badet!! of course! the market is open to the public :) its right in front of SM San Lazaro by the entrance of Celadon Manila (this is Ayala's residential project in the area)

  8. hi fran, if tama yung pagkakabasa ko, open lang yung market nila every sunday? tama ba? hehe ;)

  9. @dyanie: you're right every sunday lang ung market :)


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