I love Sanrio!

It has been a busy and fun week with events happening left and right. While I love getting my schedules filled up to the brim, I know I should also set a limitation for myself. For instance, waking up yesterday morning, I can already feel my body sending major signals of it about to pull up the white flag anytime soon. I was really planning to go straight home after work but how can I say NO to an invite to see this?

White Hello Kitty bags *droool*

or these?
White Hello Kitty appliance showcase

Hello Kitty dining set-up

Hello Kitty bathroom display (in partnership with HCG)

But what I love most was this....

Hello Kitty jewelry line

I'll definitely save up for the last one Ü Obviously, yesterday was a purr-fest day! Miao!


  1. I love sanrio too! I prefer the pink ones though. I have a boombox, several baskets, bedsheets, cordless phone... sigh those were the days. But now that I have 2 boys (only), I had to put them away.

  2. wow!! im impressed! me naman just things that i kept since childhood ;)

  3. i love hello kitty!! dito ba yan sa manila? where can we find those sanrio products? thanks!! - angie

  4. Ang ganda nung white bags collection.

  5. I love Hello Kitty items too! I have quite a few items myself - tumbler, kikay kit, nail cutter, tweezers, even my car has HK seat covers!Ü

  6. Ha, so you went to the Sanrio trade show too?

  7. Franny! Grabe naman yung bathroom!!! :)

  8. aww so cute!! i love hello kitty!! saan yan??

  9. I was a huge HK lover in high school. But this cuteness makes me giggle till now! :)

  10. Anonymous: the trade show was held in edsa shangrila hotel but the items as i was told are available in all sanrio shops :)

    aline: yeahhh!! so funny there's this little girl who was bugging her mom about the white golf bag masmalaki pa sa kanya ung bag ah :P

    caryl: me naman ive been a kerokerokeroppi fan up until i was in high school i think :P

    achi didi: bongga noh? sooooo cute!!

    alvie: i went to the trade show :)

    toni: i love love love sanrio :P

  11. when was the trade show? wish i went there.. you've mentioned sanrio shops, the only one i know is in greenhills pa, would you know if there is one near makati? thanks in advance!

  12. angie: the trade show was last friday :) it was a one day thing lang :P hmmm i think there's a sanrio shop in glorietta if i'm not mistaken :)

  13. hmm i don't think it's still there... after the tragic event that happened almost a year ago.. not sure if they have relocated.. anyway, thanks for the info...


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