my lucky streak

I guess I've mentioned a million times that I love joining contests. The mere thought of winning just gives me that extra buzz that I need every now and then. I guess I've also mentioned a gazillion times how unlucky I can be. After joining almost every raffle contests that comes my way and still ending up with nothing, I'm still not ready to give up just yet. Nope! The competitive spirit in my is still alive and very much kicking.

This year has been very special for me. Aside from the numerous major changes that has happened and is still happening in my life, I also had my first win as seen here. While I'm still waiting for my special prize to be delivered next year, I got another happy email this morning.

Just what I needed on a lazy Monday morning... a short but sweet congratulatory email informing me that I have won these cool tickets!

Yipee!! It may not be that big a prize but at least it's something, right?

Can't wait for tomorrow!! Thank you my lucky stars...Ü

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