Turning ONE!

Today, my blog turns a year old! It has been a fun year filled with gastronomic delights, exciting and memorable trips and lots of happy bits and pieces here and there.

As I promised that you'll see a lot of great and, of course, wonderful changes to happen in the coming months, the first of these changes happens TODAY.

Turning one, I realized that it's about time to get out of my shell and to finally establish my identity in the blogosphere. Thus....


... is born.

It's truly a blogger's dream come true. It's my first big step towards bringing my blog to greater heights and hopefully to continue to entertain everyone with stories of my food and travelling experiences.

Lastly, I would like to Thank YOU. You have no idea how my heart would do tiny cartwheels and triple back flips everytime I would get comments and messages from my dear friends and readers. Thank you for always dropping by!



  1. Congrats!

    CHEERS! :D

  2. congrats and more power to you fran :D

  3. thanks achi didi, m and teena in toronto!!

  4. frannywanny,

    ang galing!

    now you got me thinking
    if i should shift Manila Boy
    to its own .com


    flip flop forever!!!!

  5. congratz fran! :)
    more more blog years to come! :)
    ** cheers!!! **

  6. Congratulations on your first year of blogging!! More power :D

  7. THANKS SO MUCH Spanx, Bong, Princess and Cookie!!! *hugs for all*

  8. Here's to more tiny cartwheels and triple back flips! Congrats!


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