The Hotlight is Coming to Mall of Asia!

The countdown begins!

In less than 3 days, Krispy Kreme will open its 8th store in SM Mall of Asia!!! Now citizens from Pasay and nearby cities can have their fill of Krispy Kreme's mouth-watering Original Glazed doughnuts anytime, anyday! What's special about this store is that it will be the first drive thru store in a mall!

Yesterday, Paul and I were lucky enough to be a part of an exclusive party that the people behind this mouthwatering doughnut brand prepared for the media. Thanks also to Shar and Becky who extended the invite to yours truly. Ü

Arriving 30 minutes before the time mentioned in the invite, we already saw a crowd forming in front of the store. Bongga! (Exceptional) was my initial comment. MTV was a major sponsor and they really went all out with a beautiful photo backdrop, tall cocktail tables, a buffet set-up by Albergus, a small stage, roving lights and lots of Krispy Kreme representatives ready to answer to your needs.

After registering our names, we were guided in by their very friendly Marketing Manager, Mabelle Ang, who coincidentally was my high school batchmate. She led us to the back drop for a brief photo op (it was really brief that for a moment there I totally forgot to check if I looked OK, haha!..oh well). We chatted for a while and as Mabes had to leave to attend to more guests, Paul and I made our way towards the buffet table.

I got to hand it to Albergus! They really know how to create a yummy-looking buffet set-up! We filled our plates with Salmon Cream Penne, Salmon Gravlax with Caesar dressing, a couple of nachos and of course, a slice of Albergus' signature Roast Beef with gravy.

I particularly loved the salad since I'm a huge fan of salmon! It's also an added bonus that it's fresh salmon with one of my favorite salad dressing! Definitely a winner in my book!

Bongga was really the word of the night. Not only was the dinner impressive but so was the program and the prizes that were raffled off. Imagine winning a month's worth of doughtnuts? Not that impressed yet? How about making it an entire year's supply of Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Gosh! I can just imagine getting a box of a dozen doughnuts every week for a year! I'd probably share this with everyone and send some boxes to charity. That would be sweeettt!

However, what got me praying last night was the grand prize. It was a Trip for 2 to Malaysia (inclusive of airfare, 3D/2N accomodation and pocket money) to witness the opening of their first ever Krispy Kreme store! Too bad, I wasn't THAT lucky to win the prize. *sigh*

Nevertheless, Paul and I enjoyed the party as we were treated to an early tour around the store before it officially opens on Friday. For a moment there, I felt like a kid peering through the glass while watching sugar glaze dripping over one doughnut after the other. We also were given a box of my ultimate favorite Original Glazed Doughnuts and our choice of coffee.

While Paul and I were not that lucky last night, there's still hope for everyone! Because on September 5, Krispy Kreme will be awarding early birds by giving away prizes to the first 300 walk in and drive thru customers. The 1st customer will win a one year's supply of Original Glazed doughnuts! The second will be awarded with a 6 months supply while the third gets a 3 months supply of those mouth-watering, drool worthy doughnuts! Don't worry though if you came in 7th because the 4th to the 100th customer will each take home a months supply of doughnuts! And to top it all, the first 300 customers will also be given the chance to join the raffle for the Malaysia trip! Now, this is a very good reason to troop all the way to Mall of Asia to secure your chance for free doughnuts and the raffle.

Hear ye, hear ye! Contest alert!

To get everyone in the Krispy Kreme mood, I will be raffling off a cute KK goodie bag that contains a limited edition Krispy Kreme shirt and a keychain! Yahoooo!! All you have to do is to share your thoughts based on the question:

What's your favorite Krispy Kreme doughnut and what do you normally pair this with?

I'll start... My favorite is obviously the Original Glazed and I love to have this early in the morning with a steaming mug of Kaffe Kreme where I would dunk my doughnut in. Ü

Deadline of comments/entries is on September 7 (Sunday) at 11:59PM. Only one entry per person please to give everyone a fair chance Ü Once your number has been drawn, I will be contacting you so please include your email address in too! The prize will be sent straight to your doorstep right away!

See you at Krispy Kreme (Mall of Asia), Ground Floor, Entertainment Mall (near the IMAX theater)!


  1. My favorite is the NEW YORK CHEESECAKE! Of course with Kaffe Kreme (cold)! :)

  2. Aww. We have the same answer! On the rare occasions that I drink coffee or get to eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts, I eat the Original Glazed doughnut paired with coffee. Any coffee would do actually (though I really don't drink coffee) but I tried it with Nescafe coffee and it was delicious! :)

  3. Glad there's KK in Abu Dhabi. My favorite is of course the original glazed. An iced coffee makes it more heavenly!

  4. my favorite is the original glazed donut with nothing else, i can eat one after the other and the other and the other. i just can't have enough of it. and plenty of water too after eating a whole bunch of them! :)

  5. Original glazed parin. Nothing can compare to it. siguro close runner-up ung hersheys variant na seasonal :P pero, hands down original glazed :D

    um goes well? um.... goes well with EVERYTHING! :D pero siguro if I have to choose, water nlng :D its a tad too sweet for me so that i have to drink water eh x.x

  6. I love the glazed vanilla cake paired with a super hot cup of their original brewed coffee. It's definitely a good morning when I get to enjoy this for breakfast. The vanilla cake isn't a common choice but trust me, once you've tried it, it might make the list of your faves too!

  7. I'm a sucker for Krispy Kremes. I love the plain glazed one best, but the strawberry jelly doughnut is good too! Coffee's a must have and the Brew Box, especially when given as a gift by agency suppliers rocks!

  8. GeeAy here...mine is Dark Choco paired with my fave fresh milk! Heaven yun bitter taste combi ng dark choco and creamy goodness of fresh milk. Sarap din i-dunk minsan! Wakokok!

  9. lemon filled for me
    paired with a cafe latte

  10. email add...

  11. ey fran! first off, congrats to your! *clapping* =D
    and as for my krispy kreme contest entry, here it goes... (btw, i dunno how to post a comment on your site kaya dito na lang. hehehe! i hope this is still valid.)
    my favorite kk doughnut is glazed sour cream paired with crunchy bacon strips and cafe americano (hot or cold doesn't matter) =D

    Kat Gan

  12. wow!! THANKS so much for joining the contest! i'm so touched :) just a friendly reminder! please do not forget to leave your email as it will be my only way to contact you in case your number has been drawn :) keep those entries coming!!!

  13. Hi Fran! Thanks for telling me about this! Too bad I can't come to MOA kasi super duper layo sa amin! =)

    Anyway, will try my luck na lang sa contest mo. Ako, I go for Original Glazed paired with cold Kaffe Kreme. Ummm, yummy!

  14. congratulations fran!

    mines still original glazed (yum!) paired with any coffee... even coke!

  15. my 1st fave was the original glazed of course, BUT... as soon as the Hershey doughnuts became available... the HERSHEY'S SPECIAL DARK CHOCOLATE simply blew me away! So, that's my favorite krispy kreme donut partnered with the drink i always carry around these days, FIT & RIGHT APPLE. Haha! to take of the guilt i guess!

  16. Hershey's special dark chocolate with ice water :D Simple the best :D

  17. I love the original glazed doughnut! I usually pair it with Nescafe Latte (in can) or a frappuccino from Starbucks!

    Other favorites are Hershey's Dark or Caramel Kreme Crunch, paired with brewed black coffee!!


  18. soooo cool!

    the love for kripsy kreme!! yeah!

    i always crave for original glazed and sola (lemon)!!

    My kids simply love chocolate iced sprinkles and glazed chocolate cake with tropicana!!


    We were at MOA too!

  19. Nothing beats the Original Glazed!!!
    To have it with coffee, is the BEST...especially when shared with my husband and two boys, who like me, are CRAZY about Krispy Kreme!=)

  20. I love Original Glazed! the BEST! plus Fit&Right pineapple! Oh yeah! :P

    Btw, congratz fran! may sarili ka ng domain hehe! :)

  21. My favorite is the Original Glazed and I usually pair it with Coke.

  22. I just love the Original Glazed together with a cup of thick hot chocolate. Truly sinful but irresistible! =þ

  23. My ultimate favorite is the KK's ORIGINAL GLAZED doughnut especially when i see the Hot Light ON which means I can have the fresh and hot doughnut right at that moment paired with their very hot roasted coffee in BOLD.

  24. Original glazed + my lola's hot chocolate = heaven :)


  25. thank you all for joining!! congratulations to therese for winning the cool krispy kreme goodie bag!!! :)


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