Ahavia Lounge Spa : the newest kid on the block

"I badly need a massage."

This has been my most recent complain everytime Paul would ask how my day was at work. Thankfully, my boyfriend knows me well enough to immediately get my (billboard size) hint. Not that I do intense manual labor but it's more of my need to take time out and to relax -- physically and mentally.

Finally, I got my wish. Taking my friend Jane's recommendation, we tried the newest spa in the neighborhood.

The drive to Ahavia was a very short one. Located at the not-so-busy side of Wilson Street, we entered a private parking lot that leads to the garden entrance of the spa. The ambiance instantly reminds me of Thailand: the artistic decors and my personal favorite -- the outdoor chairs that is shaped like a cupped hand.

Upon entering, we were greeted by Ms. Carol, a very very very friendly and accomodating woman, whose son owns the spa. Surveying the interiors, I can't help but notice that it looked like a typical home with the spa feel. True enough, Ms. Carol shared with us that they actually live at the 2nd floor and the entire place is the ancestral home of her family.

We played safe for our first visit, me choosing the Minty Glow Foot Spa (Php. 199) and a Spa Pedicure w/ a twist (Php. 159) while Paul settled for a 20-minute Back and Shoulder Massage (Php. 99) as he's not that into long spa treatments.

We were led to the Express Room where 5 single couches were lined up with a curtain that separates each chair. Quite typical but what made it unique was the inclusion of a flat screen TV and a DVD player where customers can choose from their long list of movies available. Of course, Paul was overjoyed!

My Minty Foot Spa was relaxing, I love the scent of the scrub and lotion that were applied to my poor feet. My therapist was also very patient and determined to scrub all the callouses away. I guess it was pretty bad that it actually took her more than an hour to complete the entire foot spa routine. After which, she continued by doing my pedicure. I was looking forward to the same amount of attention to be given to clean my nails and cuticles while the twist was supposedly a soothing massage (or as the brochure claims for it to be). However, the pedicure was sooo fast that I can't even remember if I got the massage. Not wanting to sound demanding, I just let it go thinking that my therapist might be exhausted from all that scrubbing done earlier. Looking back though, I should have at least asked about it. *sigh* Maybe next time.

Paul, on the other hand, loved his Back and Shoulder Massage. I guess what really brought his experience to a new height was the fact that he was happily watching Sweeney Todd while getting his massage. Much to my dismay as I was really trying hard to get the Zen feel but the sound of murder and blood was just too much. Ugh! How I wish they have installed mini tv screens per couch complete with individual headsets so customers has the option not to watch and to catch some Zzzs instead.

Over all, our experience at Ahavia was pleasant and relaxing. Not really the type of Zen comfort that I'm used to but it's always good to try something new. Though, they can still improve the ambiance by having pipe-in music for instance. I am excited to try their scrubs particularly the Botanical Strawberry Scrub (Php. 599) but after reading reviews of their lack of shower rooms and facilities, maybe I should just put this off till next time. Nonetheless, Paul and I truly enjoyed our simple dose of relaxation at Ahavia Ü

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Ahavia is located 173 Wilson Street cor Barcelona st., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila. It's open daily from 11AM to 3AM (hooray for night owls!). For inquiries, you may contact them at 744-0343.

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