Little Miss Shopaholic

Once in a while a girl can dream...she can also wish and pray and allow herself to indulge in things that will make her truly happy.

For instance, today this particular girl allowed herself to gawk, drool and get excited over the newest, cutest gadget by techie genius Steve Jobs. Introducing....

the NEW iPod nano!!

What I love about it: the delicious Skittles-like colors!
The only problem about it: the delicious Skittles-like colors that makes it really hard for me to choose which one I like best


In other news, I finally saw the trailer of the movie version of my favorite chic lit novel, Confessions of a Shopaholic!!!

Well, to be honest, I was a bit disappointed after watching the trailer because it didn't get me even a lil bit excited. In fact, I find "Rebecca" too American as I always picture her to be a typical British girl with a heavy British accent. Then again, maybe its just a bad trailer and the movie might be better. Looks like we all have to wait and see till February 2009!


  1. AWWW :) I'm inggit! Congrats on your new gadget! Miss ya, Franny! :)

  2. sabbbb nooo i dont have one....yet hahaha i just saw it online thats why i just ended up staring at it the entire day hahaha

  3. Fran, thanks for the lead :D wow now i want one too :D

  4. I saw Shopaholic's trailer, too. It's quite different from the book, noh?

    Nice blog, by the way. =)

  5. i didn't know there was a movie! but anyway, it looks fun! hahaha :D i mean, its different from the book pero wala lang.. hehe :D sana maganda nga!


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