Burger lovers unite at the Bite Club

It was pretty late in the afternoon when our shoot ended. Feeling a bit tired and hungry, we decided to grab something to eat. Since my sister, a proud Blue Eagle, knows Katipunan Avenue inside and out, we allowed her to take care of choosing where to stop for our hunger-fill.

We finally decided to bring out our carnivorous side as we stopped at Bite Club for our late afternoon snack.

As mentioned before, it wasn't long ago since I've re-joined the beef-loving community after five years of hiatus. I never looked back since then.

So there we were inside Bite Club's receiving area browsing their laminated back-to-back menu. Since it was our first time in their Metro Manila branch (the other branch was in sunny Boracay), we went all out and got the humongous XXX burger with Garlic and Cheese dressing (Php. 260) to share.

For all Bite Club newbies, the XXX is actually a 1 pound burger filled with your choice of toppings. It's really for those with a hungry appetite but since we just wanted to fill our hunger and not totally ruin our appetite for dinner, we asked the server to divided it into three.

There are other burger sizes for the solo or couple diners though, you can either get the Club Burger (Php. 110) or the Burgerella (Php. 145) which are both 1/3 pound burgers. The only difference is that the latter is stuffed with oozing Mozzarella cheese for the extra yummy factor. There's also The Bomb (Php. 165) and the Bombarella (Php. 205) are half pound burgers which is heavy enough for the manly-men out there.

To complement our giant burger, we got an order each of club fries (Php. 65) and potato wedges (Php. 65). Obviously, we are huge potato fans!

Joining the Club

Take a look at how HUGE our burger was! It was pretty impossible to eat one-third of this and still keep everything clean and drip free. However, that's the fun part of eating a burger, just use your hands and savor it all! The meat was very tender however, I would have liked it better if it was grilled evenly. A part of our burger has burned marks while another part still has that pinkish color. I liked the garlic and cheese topping though. The garlic gives a very subtle spicy note without being too overpowering to the point of giving you bad breath.

Well, a visit to the Bite Club will not be complete if you don't get the Club Fries. It has been unanimously chosen as the best item from the three things that we have ordered. It was very crispy and lightly salted making it a delicious siding to your burger.

The basket of potato wedges was pretty good too. I guess the Bite Club should also be proud of their potato products as well.

How I wish that they add more branches. All I know is that they have one along Katipunan Avenue (opposite Blue Ridge) and another one in the beautiful island of Boracay.

Does anyone knows where are the other Bite Club branches?

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