a Ravioli meal after the Storm

The weather has been unpredictable lately that a short drizzle can turn everyone paranoid thinking it might cause another catastrophe similar to what we have witnessed last Saturday. Everyone is still in a sad mood due to the news that we get every morning about the rising death toll, the number of families that are homeless and the constant plea for more donations from kind individuals.

During this bad weather, everything and anything that can uplift one's spirit is highly appreciated. For me, I turn to a plate of steaming hot pasta as my ultimate comfort food.

My first encounter with a dish called ravioli was during my first year in college. I would take a short walk to CPK in Shangri-la Plaza, together with a good friend, we would share on a plate of creamy Portobello mushroom ravioli to which I would sprinkle a lot of Parmesan cheese before taking a bite.

Oh how happy I was when I found out that a kiosk specializing in ravioli dishes opened right at the middle of the Robinsons Galleria food court.

Together with Paul, we arrived at the food court and easily spotted the Ravioli kiosk, sensing my eagerness to order, my sweet fiance just allowed me to decide on what to get for dinner. The menu was simple but everything sounds good that I had a hard time choosing on what to get. Thanks to the kind lady who's manning the kiosk, she gave me her recommendations to which I happily obliged.

My first pick was the Spinach and Cream Cheese Ravioli (Php. 115). The price was a great deal as my plate was filled with more than a dozen bite-sized meat ravioli. I liked how light the spinach cream sauce was. Although, it still lacks in having the perfect texture that a ravioli should have, I hope someday they can improve on this.

My second choice was the Spaghetti Bolognese (Php. 78). Paul loves tomato-based pasta and as a compromise to my first pick, I went back to the basic and chose the Bolognese. I believe that the best way to check if a restaurant or stall can make good pasta is through their most basic menu item.

So how did it fare?

To be honest, I wasn't that impressed by the noodles. It somehow tasted like instant spaghetti noodles to me. The sauce, however, was pretty good. Paul liked the sweet and sour blend coupled with the generous serving of ground meat and cheese.

Ravioli is the perfect place to go to grab a pretty good meal for less than Php. 200! Visit them at the Robinsons Galleria Food Court (same side as the supermarket).

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