A little help goes a long way

It was a couple of minutes past 9PM when Paul and I took a very short drive to Xavier School to drop off two plastic containers of crispy chicken nuggets and a cooler filled with C2 Lemon and some Mineral Water. I also brought a bag of crackers and candies for the victims. It wasn't much really...I was disappointed that I wasn't able to buy much since most of the supermarkets are out of canned goods. Still, we wanted to help in any way we can and so we thought of bringing cooked food and some drinks for the hardworking volunteers.

After a series of text messages sent back and forth between myself and fellow bloggers Jane and Christa, Paul and I finally arrived at the Angelo King Multi-Purpose Hall of Xavier School. After dropping off our items, we stood around and surveyed the area while watching the busy volunteers sorting, packing, boxing and sealing boxes which will be dispatched to 5 key areas namely: San Juan, Malabon, Quezon City, Marikina / Rizal and Manila. A couple of bags will also be given to the faculty members and staff of the school.

The atmosphere was lively but you can see how everyone took their roles seriously. Shortly after, Paul and I joined the group and for two hours we packed, sorted, filled up and sealed boxes together with everyone else. It was physically tiring but after being able to pack around 2,000 bags in less two hours, the feeling of fulfillment was undeniably priceless.

Yours truly with Paul, blogger Christa, M2, blogger Jane and Jane's nephew

It's not too late to help! At present, there are still a lot of families left homeless and who are in need of food, water and clothing. Xavier School is still open to donations for bottled water and noodles.

Click here to check the list of drop-off centers to know where else you can send your donations and perhaps help out too!

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