a table for one at Joey Pepperoni

I've mention time and again how much I love hanging out with friends. However, I also do enjoy spending some time in my lonesome. In fact, there are actually some activities that I'd rather do on my own.

Take shopping, for instance, I treasure the moments wherein I can easily go through one store at a time at my own pace. It's simply that quality me-time that I regularly treat myself to once in a while. Yup, I'm unique like that and I honestly don't get it why people would take pity over those who chooses to spend some time alone.

Last week, after finishing a major presentation due pretty soon. I treated myself to a quiet dinner at Joey Pepperoni, a casual dining restaurant located along Pioneer street in Mandaluyong City.

I entered the restaurant and noticed that there were quite a number of tables occupied by big groups. After telling the server that I'm dining by myself, he ushered me towards a table by the door and handed me the menu.

I was craving for pasta and I also wanted to try their pizza. Luckily they have a couple of Chef Set Meals that combines two slices of pizza with either your choice of pasta or a salad or some chicken fingers. The good thing also is that these meals are good enough for one!

Finally, I made my choice. I got a Chef Set Meal #6 (Php. 160) and a platter of Mozzarella Sticks (Php. 185) as an appetizer.

First came the Mozzarella Sticks platter. I love how it was perfectly deep-fried without being too greasy. The pomodoro sauce that came with the sticks was also very yummy. I was surprised to see 7 medium size mozzarella sticks making the price very affordable.

After munching on three mozzarella sticks, I asked the server to wrap the rest for my family to try as well.

Then came my Chef Set Meal #6. This platter consists of two slices of pizza (Margherita and Classic Romana) and a single serving of Spaghetti Carbonara. I enjoyed the pasta as the noodles were really al dente. The sauce was not too thick and it was very flavorful thanks to the bits of ham, bacon and some parsley. The pizza on the other hand was a bit of a disappointment. I find the crust too hard that there was a bit of a struggle in every bite. The Margherita lacks in flavor which was a let down considering that I am a huge pizza Margherita fan. The Classic Romana, on the other hand, was ok. I love capers and olives which stood out in this slice of pizza.

I will definitely go back and try more of their pasta dishes. It's confusing though because Joey Pepperoni boasts of their pizza selections but judging from the two slices of pizza that I tried that evening, it looks like you'd be better off ordering their pasta items instead.

How about you? Tell me about your latest dining out me-time :)

Joey Pepperoni has branches in Pioneer street in Mandaluyong, SM Southmall, Mall of Asia, Robinsons Place Manila, LP Leviste in Makati, Iloilo and more.

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