[Cooking with Paul] Wagyu Sirloin with Buttered Veggies

This was how we spent the last day of our 3-day weekend.

Thanks to our friends Nicoley and Henri of Sonny's Kitchen who sent over a pack of Wagyu Sirloin (Php. 2,500/kg), Paul and I decided to try it out for dinner tonight.

Well, the initial plan was for me to do the cooking and for him to just assist but my dear fiance didn't want my hands to get all dirty (or as he claims) and so he took over the kitchen and just handed me his camera to take shots for my blogging purposes.

I was truly amazed. Paul did EVERYTHING. From rubbing some herbs and spices into the meat, to the actual cooking, to preparing the buttered veggies, to creating the gravy and lastly, up until the final plating. Everyone loved the steak as we enjoyed the tenderness of the meat. It was so fragrant that I was actually clicking as fast as I could for us to start eating ASAP.

I'm so glad that we can now get our regular supply of steaks anytime from Sonny's Kitchen who, by the way, also distributes imported sea foods too. Just call Sonny at 0920-9547989 / 2158669 / wagyu@rocketmail.com.

With that, I proudly share with you Paul's winning recipe:

Wagyu Sirloin with Buttered Veggies

What you'll need:
- Wagyu Sirloin (I highly recommend that you get from Sonny's Kitchen)
- Butter (we got the Lite version to cut down on the fat)
- Black Pepper
- Dried Rosemary leaves

For the buttered veggies:
- Shredded corn
- Diced carrots
- Fresh broccoli

Here's how:
1) Bring steak to room temperature
2) Rub freshly ground black pepper and dried rosemary on both sides of the meat
3) On a hot non-stick pan, put a little butter
4) Add the meat and sear for 1 and a half minutes on each side (or depending on your preferred doneness)
5) As recommended by Sonny's Kitchen, try to minimize flipping the meat. As much as possible just flip it ONCE.

To prepare the veggies:
1) On a separate pan, add a little butter.
2) Add in the carrots and stir-fry until it gets a little softer
3) Add in the corn, continuing mixing
4) Lastly, add in the broccoli.


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