Modu™ Phone: the world's lightest phone

I guess I was be born right on the decade where technology was starting to take the mainstream.

I guess I was truly be spoiled by my dad who would easily give in to my wants despite my mom's undying attempt to teach me to just stick to the things that I need.

That was my life as a teenager.

I admit I have fallen victim to a number of technology trends that has, at some point, became the center of very teenager's attention. From beepers to analog phones to the coolest Nokia 5110 and to the endless changing of styles and models. I have repeatedly pleaded for my parents to get me the newest product in the market just so I can keep up with the trend. Yes, shamefully, trends and technology has brought out the whining brat in me.

Luckily, this phase ended pretty quickly. It was when I have learned to stay loyal to just one model for years and would just consider replacing this when it's already on its death bed. I guess, eventually, we would find that one phone that perfectly suits our lifestyle and needs that there's really no other reason to replace it right away.

At present, I needed a phone that will be able to store as much memory as it could where I can type in my daily schedules, notes and most importantly, some reminders. I was very happy when Globe Telecomm sent me a beautiful, professional-looking phone a couple of months ago as this was part of their loyalty rewards program.

I like to go out and I love to change my bags and accessories to match my outfit. Just last week, I wanted to use this cute purple sling bag that perfectly complemented my purple top and skinny jeans. Unfortunately, while putting my stuff inside the bag, I realized that my phone just won't fit inside forcing me to unload more items just to make my phone fit. That at point, I wished I had a smallest phone.

Wish Granted

I guess heaven must have heard my plea with the arrival of the newest and lightest phone in the world.

Presenting the modu™ phone!

It's the sleekest phone that I've ever far. With a dimension of 72.1mm x 37.6mm x 7.8mm it is almost as big as your average mp3 but as light as a USB flash disk.

Well, here's a trivia: I was told that the one who created the modu™ phone was also the same brilliant guy who created the USB flash disk.

So expect the modu™ phone to be powered with enough memory space (2GB internal memory), Bluetooth® technology, cool mp3 tunes from Globe Telecomm and Universal Records, the basic call features and a long-lasting battery life that has a talk time up to two hours!

While exploring my new phone, I noticed that it was a USB connector at the bottom for both the charger and a USB cable where you can synchronize your contacts to your Microsoft Outlook® and Windows® contacts. This phone is also tri-band which means you can bring it with you when you travel.

For something this light and small, I was surprise that Globe Telecomm is offering this for a very affordable rate! The modu™ phone is available for a low as Php 7,999 with either a Plan 500 post-paid plan or a Globe Tattoo prepaid kit. Each kit comes with one free modu™ express jacket (with a keypad for easier texting) plus a year's supply of Immortaltext! This means that you'll get twice-weekly free text allocation from Globe Tattoo! How's that for a great deal?

Post-paid users may also avail of this cute looking phone. Get the Plan 1200 or up and you'll get your modu™ phone for FREE!

Take a look at the series of photos below as I compared my modu™ phone with my Nokia 3110:

front view

see how slim is it?

Contest Alert!!!

Now, don't you wish you have your own modu™ phone too? Well Globe might just give you one!

Simply upload a video showing what you would do with a Modu™ to this website or reply to the Globe Tattoo Youtube channel and who knows?! you might be a new owner of the lightest phone in the world!


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