Late Night Chow at Mien San

It was almost close to midnight when we entered the doors of Mien San Noodle House but still we were given a warm welcome and were quickly ushered to our table. This is one of the reasons why Mien San continues to be one of our neighborhood favorites. It's homey, no-frills interiors, the delicious food and the friendly service... no wonder Mien San has been around for more than a decade already.

Since it was pretty late, we agreed to go light and to just share on our favorite Fried Porkchop Rice (Php. 148) and a steaming platter of Kutchay Dumplings (Php. 68).

Oh how I miss the days when the porkchop rice was only for Php. 99. This goes to show how things have changed and every single commodity has gone up up and up! Luckily, Mien San's Porkchop Rice was still a winner. It's served in a bento box set-up complete with two vegetarian side dishes and a bowl of steamed rice. I love how Mien San cooks their vegetables, they can really make it so tasty that even non-veggie eaters will surely enjoy a bite or two. The fun part also is that the side dishes changes from time to time. This makes it more interesting because we get to try a new vegetable siding in every visit.

Of course, the highlight of this dish is the fried porkchop. Paul and I love how crispy it is and yet it's not soaked in oil. I love dipping it in ketchup before eating it together with a spoonful of rice. Yum!

Our second dish is a platter consisting of 8 pieces of Steamed Kutchay Dumplings. This has been our Mien San staple for six years already.

How we eat this is another story -- you see, Paul and I would ask for lots of minced garlic which we will add into our soy sauce. This is a decade long practice done by Paul's family which I later followed and got accustomed to. Once the garlic soy sauce is ready, then we carefully dip each crunchy kutchay dumpling one at a time.

On our next visit, we agreed to try our other favorites such as the Tofu with Century Egg appetizer, the Spring Onion pancake and the Fried Chicken Rice. Maybe I should also try one of their soup noodle as well.

Mien San Noodle House is located at 36 Villa Ortigas II, Granada St., Quezon City (near the Santolan-Ortigas intersection). Contact them at 724-8388 (will confirm their number).


  1. Kagutom naman yan. Nagcrave ako bigla sa porkchop. And I just love midnight snacks! ;D

  2. mien san has always been our reliable go to place whenever we're craving for some late night chow

  3. Try the Fish with Dry noodle!!

  4. I totally, totally agree with everything you wrote! The same dishes make up my Mien San experience every single time! Try any of their dry noodles--they're my major comfort food!

  5. I tried the phone number you posted but sabi wrong number daw. They changed their number?

  6. hi there! my apologies i tried to call the # now and no one is answering naman let me check if they have changed their #.

    thanks for the heads up!

  7. Last Saturday (July 31, 2010), my family went to eat at Mien-San Noodle House. It was our first time to have dinner there. But we had a very bad experience... the service at Mien-San Noodle House is very poor, it took them so loooonnng to serve the food to us... My daughter is already very hungry and kept asking why the food have not yet been served. We "follow-uped" the waiters for a couple of times. Other customers who came later than us were already served with what they ordered... Poor service! We were very hungry! I heared one of the waitress talking with the other waiter about forgetting to place the order in the kitchen... My husband was the one who wants to try this restaurant. But after what has happened, he doesn't want to go back to Mien-San Noodle House anymore. This will be our first & last at this restaurant. We will also not refer it to any of our friends... Poor service!!! :(

  8. oh no that's husband would have raised hell it that happened to us :(


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