Fine Dining at Cesca

Good friends are hard to find...especially those who'll stick with you forever...

As I grow up, I've had my share of meeting new friends, keeping the old ones and learning to let go of the bad ones. It sure has its own ups and downs but nothing beats celebrating true friendships that continues to grow through time.

It was a rainy Saturday evening and while the weather made it very tempting for others to just stay home and laze in bed, Paul and I braved the unpredictable downpour to be able to have a relaxing dinner with three of our long-time friends and their respective special someones.

The initial plan was to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant but after a long wait, we have decided to just move next Cesca, a fine dining restaurant with menu items that seems pretty reasonable.

Their menu was simple and since I wasn't in the mood for beef, I zeroed in on their poultry and seafood choices. Finally, Paul and I decided to share to be able to taste two dishes at once. My choice was the Seared Cream Dory while he got the Rosemary Chicken.

While waiting for our entrees, we were served with a piece of dinner roll and butter. The dinner roll was soft and delicious however, the butter was a bit too frozen for me to be able to successfully spread it on my bread.

Service was pretty fast that right after our bread was served, out came our entrees. Surveying the table, I also liked the look of their lamb chops, pepper steak and sea bass. I will definitely put this on my list of must-tries in our next visit.

I love how well my Seared Cream Dory (Php.225) was presented. The buttered veggies was delicious and my cream dory was perfect. I wonder what sauce was used here as it perfectly complemented both the fish and the veggies.

Paul's Rosemary Chicken (Php. 185) was yummy too! They gave him extra sauce which he happily poured over his veggies and more on his chicken. It's a good thing he remembered to give me a couple of slices to try. :) I was definitely happy with our two choices.

Cesca's ambiance is very laid-back which was perfect as there were a lot of catching up that took place. The servers were also very attentive to our needs which made our dining experience wonderful.

Before we left, I told Paul and we should definitely go back as I still want to try the other items on their menu.

Cesca is located at the Upper Ground Floor of Il Terrazzo along Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Telephone number is 391-7978


  1. Hi MrsLavendula! actually i really liked the cream dory :) i also think their lamb chops and pepper steak are worth trying too :D

  2. Yes, they have friendly waiters and a nice/cozy ambiance, but that's where all good things end. They're dishes look enticing, but that's it. They're poorly managed as well. I mean get this, ALMOST HALF the dishes in their menu were our of stock and it wasn't even lunch time yet! We should've taken that as a sign to leave but we decided to take a chance and ordered their australian lamb chops and their meat(?) pizza. We requested that the lamb chops be cooked medium but it was served well-done. Given it was lamb, the meat was surprisingly tough. The pizza was also a disaster! It was priced at Php305 but it looked a like canteen pizza (think Lotsapizza but worse). It was THE worst pizza I had. I mean how could anyone screw up pizza? The cheese wasn't fully melted, the pizza toppings would not latch on its crust, the pizza sauce tasted odd - everything was just off. In the end, we left disappointed. With what we've paid, we could've eaten in some other italian place with better food.

  3. @rant box: oh dear that's bad! luckily i had friends who ordered the lamb chops and they were pretty happy with it. thanks for the comment though will stay away from their pizza :-/

  4. hi guys as of last week we found out that cesca has closed down..


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