22 Prime : Tomahawk Steak Lunch

As fellow bloggers Chris and Jane once said, it'll surely be a Prime day.

True enough, I took a break from my usual office lunch consisting of a homemade sandwich and a small piece of banana and headed to 22 Prime at the Discovery Suites in Ortigas to join a couple of bloggers for a steak lunch.

What I did not expect was that we won't be having the usual rib-eye steak that's good for one but instead we came face to face with the biggest piece of meat that I've ever seen! Introducing the Tomahawk Rib-Eye Chop that's approximately 1 kilogram heavy. As Chef David Pardo de Ayala carried this out from his kitchen, I couldn't help but wish that I have Paul or my dad there with me as they are long-time steak fans in the family and would definitely be amazed by the size of this! I can just imagine having the entire piece of lunch which I think would take me the entire day to finish!

What a HUGE piece of Meat!

Lunch began with basket of bread and three types of dips. I love the cheese bread stick which went well with the Skordalia (Potato Puree dip).

There are three dips to choose from and I had a great time trying each one. From the Skordalia to the Sofrito (Tomatoes with Olive Oil) and my personal favorite, the Chicken Liver Pate.

Finally, the star of the show was served. We were given tasting size of the Tomahawk Chop. This is accompanied with a generous serving of baby vegetables and a delicious Caesar Salad that has a filo pillow of bleu cheese as a special surprise.

The Tomahawk Chop is one of the largest rib-eye steaks in Australia. It is named from the 30cm of rib bone that is left attached to the meat which increases its flavor and tenderness when grilled. We jokingly commented that it is big enough to be used also as a defense weapon when out at night.  While I may not be a big fan of steak, I like the tenderness of the meat and a small piece of fat attached to it leaving a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth sensation. Yum!

Lunch was superb and I'm delighted to share with you that you can enjoy 22 Prime's Tomahawk Steak from June 1-15, 2010! Avail of their specialty menu for only P4800 where you get a 1-kilogram, 6-Star Tenderplus Australian Beef Rib Eye Steak with a casserole of baby vegetables, a bowl of their delicious Caesar Salad and a bottle of Verse 1 Cabernet Sauvignon. It's definitely good for sharing probably for a group of 4-5 pax.

22 Prime is located at the 22nd floor of Discovery Suites, 25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Call them at 719-6821, 7196822 or 719-8888 for reservations.

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