Eating our way around Bonifacio Global City

A couple of weeks ago, I received an invite from Mr. Binondo food walker himself, Ivan ManDy, to join his special food walk around posh and upscale Bonifacio Global City I immediately hit the reply button and sent him our confirmation initially for April 24.

Unfortunately, we had to move our reservation to May 1 to give way to our growing list of tasks for our upcoming BIG day. Ivan was so nice to accommodate our request. Still, our plan to arrive on time did not push thru and we found ourselves exactly an hour late. Luck must have been on our side as we decided to proceed directly to The Stock Market as we were also invited by Tita Yoli Celdran of Fruits in Ice Cream to try their mouthwatering desserts. It was a good decision as the group's next stop was exactly at The Stock Market!

While chatting with the organizer, we found out that we just missed out on three stops and we can actually join the group up until the end of the event. Hooray!

Not long after, the group finally arrived. We were so happy to see Didi and hubby Edmund, Doc Gelo, Cher, Jeff and Alex who were also part of the tour.

Our food tour began with delicious samplers from The Stock Market. I love the Beans and Corn Risotto that accompanied the Fork-tender Short Ribs. The risotto even has a hint of truffle oil.Yum!

The salad was also very refreshing as it was served with The Stock Market's signature pineapple vinaigrette. Definitely a healthy way to start your meal.

What captured my heart, however, were the desserts! It was truly a feast for both my eyes and taste buds as four mouthwatering sweet treats were served for us to enjoy.

I loved the Mango Sago which made use of FIC's very own Mango Sorbet.

On the other hand, Paul enjoyed the Mangga't Suman that gave a cool twist to our traditional sweet yellow mangoes with sticky rice. This one has a scoop of FIC Mango Ice Cream covered with chocolate drizzle and sweet suman.

The two other desserts were the Raspberry Champorado and my favorite frozen yogurt!

This was a filling meal and we actually had two more stops to go!

Up next was an Italian feast at Trio.

Paul and I have dined here a couple of years back but we could hardly remember what we got and how it tasted. I was excited to visit Trio once again. Sharing a table with Didi and Edmund, we enjoyed their Osso Bucco with Portobello Risotto. The meat was very tender and the risotto was really worth raving about. I will definitely go back to Trio for this.

Didi, the pizza fan, enjoyed the Capricciosa Pizza which had hard boiled eggs, basil, olives and ham. I loved how thin the crust was. This makes a wonderful pizza to be enjoyed on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Our last dish was the Cannelloni. I've tried a number of cannelloni dishes before and sadly most of them were pretty disappointing. Some were dry and tasteless while some were soggy. I was surprised that Trio's Cannelloni was just right. The pasta sheet had just the right amount of firmness and the meat was tender and delicious. I also loved the Bechamel sauce which was not too rich for my taste. I was actually the one who finished off this dish for our table.

In between laughter and stories, we had to finish our meal to head off to our last stop of the tour.

It was time to party at the Amber Lounge! This was our last stop and we had an early start to three of their signature drinks.

We actually had a dinner party to go to after the tour and so I just chose one drink to try. I love strawberries and so the Strawberry Mojito was my choice. It was sweet with a kick of alcohol and an after taste of tangy mint! Definitely a perfect drink for the lady.

Meanwhile, others enjoyed the Chocolate Martini with real Chocnut inside. Maybe I should try that on my next visit.

The last drink was the Coco Lychee Smash with a mix of coconut vodka with muddled lychees and lychee juice. It somehow reminded me of my favorite Lychee Thaitini over at M Cafe.

Finally, the grand finale, a plateful of spicy (and I really meant SPICY) Boneless Buffalo Wings. One tiny piece was really spicy that after a bite I went straight to the bar to ask for a glass of ice cold water to put out the flames in my burning mouth.

Though our food walk was short, it was definitely a fun one and we look forward to more food walks by Ivan ManDy and the Bonifacio Global City team.

Thanks Ivan for inviting us! 

photo credit: Paul Ang

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