Turning 25 at Kimpura

The month of May always begins with a full day celebration as it is my not-so-little sister's birthday! This year, we had the usual Cha Misua for breakfast as this is a tradition here in our household (yes, even our household cook can cook this very well already!) followed by a full lauriat with my Dad's side and later on a delicious Japanese dinner at Kimpura with my Mom's side.

Our family loves Japanese cuisine! We love dining in restaurants that have private Tatami rooms available. Such is the case for Kimpura Greenhills. My sister specifically requested that we be given a Tatami room for her birthday dinner.

As soon as her guests were complete, my sister began to order. I'm so happy that she asked me to help her choose as well. Here are some of the dishes that we ordered that evening:

Unagi Maki. We were actually debating whether to go for the usual California Maki or to try the Unagi Maki. Apparently, eel won over kani, mangoes and cucumber. This one is yummy and I think our guests thought so too as this was the first to get wiped out a couple of minutes after it was served.

Futo Maki. Our Kongkong (grandfather) loves Futo Maki, unfortunately he wasn't able to make it as he went on an out of town trip with his group of friends that weekend. Kimpura is definitely known for their Futo Maki. I love it that it has the freshest ingredients and obviously they did not scrimp on the quantity. Looks like my sister owes our Kongkong a trip back to Kimpura soon.

Ebi Tempura. Almost everyone in our family loves tempura and so this is a staple when dining in a Japanese restaurant. I love Kimpura's plump shrimps deep-fried in their soft and crunchy batter. Make sure to dip this into their tempura sauce because taking a bite.

Teriyaki Gindara. The highlight of our meal. Steph and I love Gindara that our mom would spoil us by making sure our freezer was well-stocked with this particular fish. After all, what's there not to like? With its meat that melts in your mouth and the fish perfectly suited with the sweet teriyaki sauce, this is a great dish to enjoy with a bowl of steaming Japanese rice. Oishii-desu!

Yasai Itame. After indulging on all the meat dishes, we ordered a healthy dish to balance out our meal. Yasai Itame is actually sauteed vegetables. In Kimpura, they quickly cook the beansprouts on the Teppanyaki table to keep it from being soggy.

It was a fun evening that ended quite late, I actually had to tell mom that we had to go as my sister was in for a BIG surprise thanks to her dear barkada who waited since 7.

Thanks for the treat Pan! Happy birthday! :)

photos by: Paul Ang

Kimpura Japanese Restaurant is located within the Greenhills Shopping Center. Call them at 721-8816.

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