turning 28....

I can't believe almost a year has already passed. I can still remember blowing out my 27 candles and here I am again, looking forward to another birthday in a week's time!

This birthday will be extra special though, it will be my last birthday as a single lady and I'm making sure I'm gonna party! Ok, so maybe to throw a big birthday bash with overflowing food and drinks would highly be unlikely right now given that I hardly have time to do anything beyond planning for our BIG day...nonetheless I have already requested my dearest friends and relatives to save certain dates for ME! :)

Before blowing out my birthday candle/s, I have the habit of closing my eyes and making a big big big wish. Since I have 28 candles this year, I guess I am entitled to have 28 mini wishes right?

Let me share them all with you!

1) to have a problem-free, stress-free BIG day

2) to finally get a laptop

3) to live a healthier life and to stay in tip-top shape

4) to be the best that I can be

5) to have our very own PS3 and Rockband set (yahooo!)

6) to finally get our soon-to-be rooms fully furnished

7) to have a nice coffee chat with a long time friend

8) to meet more blog readers this year :)

9) to have a better blog layout

10) to be able to try Antonio's in Tagaytay

11) to get that much-awaited full body massage

12) to have a week's worth of Serenitea! (haha)

13) to go back to swimming or dancing

14) to be able to travel more

15) to get a new point and shoot camera

16) to wake up to delicious breakfast in bed

17) to be able to watch the sunset

18) to be able to drive out of town without any fear

19) to have more cute puppies who'll cheer me up everyday

20) to be able to shop till I drop

21) to be able to spend a great afternoon with my girl friends

22) to be able to cook more Yummy dishes

23) to finally start my own business

24) to continue blogging and writing

25) to have more Uni sushis!

26) to see my family happy and healthy at all times

27) to be able to complete my restaurant and travel list

28) to have the bestest birthday ever!!!

* image credit: http://disney-stationary.com/greeting-cards/

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