Summer is here! Krispy Kreme Mango is in!

Here's a refreshing addition to the growing line of choices at Krispy Kreme! We're big fans of of KK's donuts but normally would just get their Original Glaze as the chocolate-y ones are too sweet for our liking.

While I was initially sad that they were out of Pull Aparts today, I took a bold step and tried the newest item on their glass case -- the Mango Creme Cake!

I was hoping that the cream where the sweet cubes of mangoes were lying was not too sweet or rich. I guess, I have to take my first bite to find out.

I love the different texture that this particular doughnut has, it surely was similar to a flaky cake that slightly crumbles as you slice it up. I love the sweet mango cubes and yes, the cream was light and smooth.

Hooray for Krispy Kreme's newest creation. :)

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