Medicinal Soup for the Soul and Body at Cantonese Soup Kitchen

It was just another busy weekday for Paul and I as we had to run a couple of errands late in the evening. Driving along Banawe Avenue in Quezon City, we were looking for a place to have our (very late) dinner. I always enjoy visiting this part of town due to its numerous food choices.

Growing up with my grandparents, I remember how fun it was when my Kongkong (maternal grandfather) and Amah (material grandmater) would take my sister and I for a ride down Banawe everyday for our afternoon snack. More often than not, we would end up in the same place -- Mami King. Kongkong loves their halo-halo and so every single day of our summer vacation was spent there.

Aside from Mami King, which sadly is not operational anymore, there are a lot of dining spots that keeps their own food secrets. There's one that serves the best creamy crabs, one that has to-die-for Chicken and Taro Hotpot and a number who serves the best noodle soup, dimsum and tofu drink.

Following the lead of fellow bloggers Rowena and Lauren, Paul and I decided to try Cantonese Soup Kitchen.

This restaurant boasts of a number of delicious medicinal soups and Cantonese specialties,as they say, it's hard to enjoy a full Chinese meal when there's just the two of you as most of the servings are big and good for an entire family to enjoy. Still, this did not stop us from enjoying the best of what Cantonese Soup Kitchen has to offer.

We began our meal with bowls of Sibot with Duck Soup (Php. 195). I remember Kongkong preparing this whenever we're sick with a bad case of flu. It's said that the ingredients in a Sibot Soup gives us that much needed energy and revitalizes our entire body. Paul loves this type of soup and luckily, Cantonese Soup Kitchen's version passed his standards.

I'm glad that we took our friend Richard's advice to get the Satay Seafood Sotanghon in Hot Pot (Php. 250). We're huge fans of satay soup that this is always a must in our shabu-shabu dinners, I loved how generous the serving of the seafood was. The sotanghon had a good texture too, not too hard nor was it soggy at all. The serving was a bit too much for us though but we were able to finish it off anyway.

Lastly, we had another best-seller, the Beef Kenchi (Php. 240). Actually it was my first time to try Beef Kenchi and I loved it! I love how it melts in your mouth and it tastes good with or without the garlic sauce. I will definitely go back for more!

It was a fun dinner at Cantonese Soup Kitchen, with the delicious meal and the lovely drink that I got, I am considering to treat my family here for my birthday next week!

Cantonese Soup Kitchen is located at Unit C-847 Banawe cor. Linaw St., Quezon City. Call them at 743-5249.

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