It's About Time: VOTE Wisely!

The 2010 Elections is happening in 6 days! While I really haven't made up my mind on which candidate to support, I know that no matter that, I have to make my vote count and that I shall vote wisely.

Life was easier back then, when business was in full swing, when the peso-dollar rate is pretty close to one another, when there were more peace and security, when everyone respected our government officials.

Let us bring those days back.

I wish for my future kids to experience the same carefree life that my parents were able to give me. Let corruption and violence stop NOW.

Come election time, this is also the height of bloodshed, violence and all the horrible things that bring chill up my spine as I watch the news. I can never forget the sight of the Maguindanao massacre where close to three dozen innocent journalists were brutally killed. This single incident caused a huge chain of effects to their loved ones as well. My heart goes out to their young children, their widowed spouses and to their elderly parents.

I came upon this website that is calling out to stop electoral violence. It's About Time is their battle cry and they are just asking us to do one thing -- to sign their petition as a sign of support to their advocacy. 

Here at, I will be raffling off a limited edition Cherie Paris It's About Time watch piece which was specially designed by artist Wawi Navarozza to anyone who can complete this sentence:

Come May 10, I will ____________________ because it's about time ___________________.

Kindly include your name/nickname and your complete email address for me to be able to contact your right away. I will be announcing the lucky winner on May 11, 2010.

Let's take a stand and vote wisely.

** color of the watch may vary depending on its availability

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