Chinese Family Dinner at HK Choi

Every year, I find it a good challenge to pick out a restaurant on where I will treat my extended family to for my birthday. Early this year, I knew I wanted to throw a special lechon/paella dinner however after dining in more than a hundred new restaurants for the past two years, I have found a couple of good ones that I'd love to let my family enjoy for themselves.

Such is the case of HK Choi, it was during one shopping date that I had with Mommy that we came across this promising Chinese restaurant in SM Megamall. We just shared on their Xiao Long Pao and Fish Brisket Hot Pot and HK Choi has successfully won us over.

A week before my birthday, I invited my grandparents, aunts, uncle and cousin over at HK Choi. It's good that it's located in a mall making it pretty accessible for everyone.

I went over and over their menu making sure I will be able to order a good mix. Of course, I also got suggestions from my grandpa and mom who are both expert foodies in the family.

Here's what we have that evening:

Prawn Salad
My favorite! Even how often mom would say this is not worth it since most restaurants has more fruit cocktail and mayonnaise than prawns, I can't help but order this for our appetizers. Luckily, HK Choi's prawn salad passed the approval of my mom who noted that they were pretty generous with their prawns.

Xiao Long Pao
I guess this dimsum has been regularly mentioned in this blog and it's simply because we love love love eating Xiao Long Pao! My dad enjoyed HK Choi's Xiao Long Pao and noted that it can passed as the local version of Din Tai Fung's! Wowee! :) We love the fact that it has a generous amount of soup secretly tucked beneath its not-so-thick wrapper. Yum!

Fish Brisket with Tofu in Hot Pot
After Mom and I enjoyed this dish during our first visit, we made sure to order this for everyone to enjoy as well. I love how tender the fish was and the sauce was just so delicious that we all poured a spoonful over our rice.

Birthday Noodle
Of course, no birthday dinner is complete without having birthday noodle. It is also our family's tradition that the celebrant should have the first taste of the noodle and everyone else will follow. HK Choi's noodle is ok, nothing spectacular and to be honest we all still love the birthday noodle from another favorite Chinese restaurant.

Salted Fish Fried Rice
I love fried rice and this is a must-order when dining at HK Choi. I actually first had a taste of this a week before this particular dinner, when Paul's mom got this for our regular Sunday lunch. The fish was not too overpowering however you can still taste that it's there. The rice does not taste old and it was not too oily too.

Watercress with Three Kinds of Egg
This is one way to let the kids enjoy their veggies...or perhaps just in the case of Paul's niece who enjoyed bowls after bowls of watercress. I enjoyed the century, duck and chicken eggs that added more flavor to the steamed watercress. I also enjoyed getting the garlic and mushrooms which they obviously did not scrimp in quantity.

I love the service rendered by our server who stood close-by our table ready for anyone's requests. He was also able to suggests dishes and tell us if we have ordered enough. Our dining experience was definitely pleasant thanks to the delicious dishes and the wonderful service of HK Choi. In fact, my grandpa is already planning our next return perhaps on his birthday happening in two weeks!

HK Choi is located at the 2nd level of The Atrium, SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City. Call them at 394-1070 / 382-7757.

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